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L Photographie


I know that we need rain to make everything grow, but come on Mother Nature! Collectively, the St. Louis wedding photog community would like to ask for a little break from the dreary daily downpours! (I’m quite proud of that alliteration if you must know. I’m a nerd.) That being said, we will take what […]

Megan + Steven wedding {by liz}


The weather this spring has been TOUGH. Very few of our wedding days have been warm and sunny so far this year, but this one was certainly bright in more ways than one! Seemed like a good day to share it given the rain and dreariness going on out there today. Natalie and Mark were […]

Natalie + Mark wedding {by liz}


I know as a reader you’re just getting here, but I’m already a good 3 hours into this blog post! Keren and Landis had a beautiful day, so it took quite some time to narrow it down to our favorite pics and then make all of those “blog ready” so to speak (resized with logos […]

KEREN + LANDIS {by liz and kristie}


Adrienne and Paul had the distinction of having the very first wedding ever held at the Pageant. Pretty awesome…. the ceremony was on stage and the “pit” later became the dance floor…well, you’ll see. You will also see Paul’s affinity for the hitch kick!! We had a fun day tromping around the loop. the quite […]

ADRIENNE + PAUL {by kate}