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L Photographie


Maggie and Mike…could you two be more laid back and fun? Seriously?! All smiles, completely relaxed, stress free wedding day here folks! I think the cake could have had a giant gaping hole in it and one of the bridesmaid dresses could have arrived in lime green and Maggie wouldn’t have cared a bit. It’s […]

Maggie + Mike wedding {by liz}


Kathleen and Stewart seem like they have been together for a long time (that may or may not be factual – I don’t truly know!) but I DO know this: they are extremely comfortable together, quick with jokes and laughter, and their families seem very united… all good things when you are getting married, right?!? […]



I had the pleasure of photographing the coolest company holiday party I have ever seen! Those of you who know me well, and heck let’s be honest, probably many of those who don’t, know that I LOVE Christmas! It’s just so pretty with the shiny lights, excuses to go shopping (one for you one for […]

Don’t you wish you worked for this company?! {by liz}


I knew I was in for a good day when I turned onto Liz’s parents street. They had these hand written signs going down the street that started with “Today’s the day, to start a new life” and ended with “Jeff and Elizabeth, Husband and Wife.” Nothing like kicking things off with a smile! I […]

Liz & Jeff (by liz)