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L Photographie


These two were smiling and laughing with all their hearts, all day long. Their smiles and laughs were so big and so real that I think their eyes were closed in half of the photos LOL. And I in turn spent hours of editing smiling right back at my computer screen (with the cheek cramps […]

Molly + AJ wedding {by liz & meredith}


So excited to have this awesomely fun wedding day up before going into the weekend! That said, I have to run out the door here in a sec for an engagement session, so for once I’m going to keep this short. I remember the general gist of Lauren’s maid of honor’s toast and I kinda […]

Lauren + Matt wedding {by liz}


Next up on the fall flashback series is Maria and Mike!  They had a beautiful wedding at the Old Cathedral… I just love all the natural light that pours into that church!  The reception followed at NEO on Locust, but our day began at the Westin downtown… the lovely Maria (kind of makes we wish […]

Maria + Mike wedding {by kate}