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L Photographie


Meet little Carter. Just 8 days new. Carter is the newest, sweetest little great-nephew, of Tina, who is my expert “baby-wrangler” as she calls it. Tina is along with me on almost all newborn shoots. And although sweet as can be, and not fussy, this little guy gave us quite a workout for our shoot, […]

Baby Carter {by kristie}


This newborn post is all baby smiles. Literally, smiles. Oh my, I can’t tell you how much this baby was smiling during our shoot. It was so darn cute. Meet Vivienne, born March 30, weighing in at 7lbs. 13oz. Much excitement for her family and friends!  

Vivienne. 6 days new. {by kristie}


So, I hate to blog right after another post made by Liz or Kate, but I have a feeling this little guy’s parents have been dying for a peek at his session – so I won’t wait any longer! I’m kind-of a blog mess lately – skipping some blogs to get photos to clients quicker […]

baby Jack {by kristie}