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February 8, 2012

baby Jack {by kristie}

So, I hate to blog right after another post made by Liz or Kate, but I have a feeling this little guy’s parents have been dying for a peek at his session – so I won’t wait any longer! I’m kind-of a blog mess lately – skipping some blogs to get photos to clients quicker and going a bit out of order. I have a ton from the fall to share out here, a book publishing, a CD cover, and other fun-ness. I’ll pull my blog act together soon. promise.

For now…
Meet baby Jack, born January 22, and photographed at 7 days old. Pure sweetness.

These parents have the most wonderful story about what a miracle Jack is. I can’t do the story justice, I just remember the huge goose bumps I had while they were telling me. This is one super lucky baby with some super awesome parents. Congratulations to your whole family!

I really love this shot with Mom.
And I know Jack is going to love it one day too!

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