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February 8, 2012

Sam + Matt {by liz and kristie}

So excited to blog this wedding! For a multitude of reasons really. First of all, we don’t travel to shoot very often and this wedding took place in beautiful downtown Kansas City just off of the Plaza. Second, my long time friend, business partner and fabulous photographer Kristie Cromie tagged along to shoot it with me. Third, I have on good word it may be featured in an upcoming issue of The Knot Missouri and Kansas (YAY!) And fourth, most importantly, Sam is an old college friend of Kristie and mine which makes the whole thing extra special!

Indulge me one quick backstory…so on the Tuesday before we leave for Kansas City on Thursday, I get these horribly wrenching abdomen pains. Kristie and I are shopping for a bathroom vanity for the new studio and I am doubling over with tears streaming every few minutes or so. Skipping ahead through a 5 hour wait without painkillers in the Barnes emergency room, I have diverticulitis. So for the next few days I can barely move or walk. Kristie, the awesome friend she is, takes the entire drive to KC while my drugged up butt gives her crap every time she hits a pothole. Or a pebble. :) Honestly, by wedding day Saturday I was up and moving quite well! But THANK YOU Kristie for shooting your butt off for our friend Sam while I teetered around! Wow, between the stress fracture and the diverticulitis I had quite the fall season. Let’s hope I’ve gotten that out of my system for awhile!

So enough about me, let’s get back to the the guests of honor! Sam hadn’t changed a bit since college. She was still as beautiful and bubbly as ever. This was my first time meeting Matt…not sure how else to put it…just a downright likable guy. His calm and reserved demeanor definitely a yin to Sam’s yang. Perfectly suited! Sam’s one-shouldered Romona Keveza dress was different from anything I have ever seen and looked made for her. The bouquets by Fresh Fleur were simply stunning. Both the ceremony and reception took place at the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art. Seeing as these two are such art fans we also stopped by the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts and incorporated the interesting architecture to create some fun portraits. Lot’s of laughter and giant smiles all day long…it brings a smile to my face just looking through it all again!

Starting with some simple but beautiful details.

Mmmm…Kate Spade heels.  Drool worthy.

Shiny!  And seriously, check the size of that thing…

Finishing touches…

Gift time!  Actually, they opened them pretty much simultaneously in different rooms.  When I synched Kristie and my cameras I was amazed at the perfect timing!

A squirrel you may ask?!  That little acorn is meant to hold more than just a nut.  Cute little ring/jewelry holder!


This may sound weird, but I like Matt’s kind of disheveled bow tie hanging around the neck look.  I’m pretty sure it had nothing to do with trying to look sexy and more to do with having no idea how to tie a bow tie.  Kristie confirmed my suspicions by getting a photo of the “how to tie a bow tie” video on in the background.

She gets a squirrel and he gets a pen!  Sound about right.

How many groomsmen does it take to tie a bow tie?!  Just one will do. :)  I jest, but I have no idea how to even tie a regular tie.

Sam’s mom helping her into her gown.

And her sister putting on her shoes.

The back of this dress is just gorgeous.


First sight!

Sam striking a pose for Matt.  I think he likes it!

Apparently asking them to look at each other as they descended the staircase was quite risky on my part…I heard from a good source Sam isn’t all that sure-footed? :)  They made it down in one piece!

Beautiful wedding party!

Love it.

The weather was perfect.  It was a great day for a leisurely stroll around the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts!

The architecture of that building is genius.

I have a love of vine walls.  I think they create a backdrop for timeless, beautiful portraits.  As does Sam’s smile. :)

See what I mean about the beautiful bouquets by Fresh Fleur?!  I love monochromatic arrangements.  And Craspedia.  And Ranunculus.  These are perfect.

As is the bridal bouquet with it’s anemones!

A few more portraits outside of the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art and then it’s ceremony time!

This smile makes me smile back at the computer screen.

Yay married!

How cool is this venue?!

Cake by Icing on the Cake.

Great, great toasts all around.

I think she loves you Matt.

Congrats Sam and Matt!  Thank you so much for choosing us to be a part of your day!

Ceremony & Reception: Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art
Flowers: Monica Schafer of Fresh Fleur
Cake: Icing on the Cake
Caterer: Cafe Sebastienne
Bride’s gown: Romona Keveza
Bridesmaid dresses: Jenny Yoo
Groom/Groomsmen Suits: J Crew
Band: Karma Funk Band

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