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Alexandra & John almost had a snowy wedding.  In Spring.  Think  back a couple of months when Spring sprung, and the magnolias bloomed, and then it snowed… they got married on the ONE day that the flowers lived before the snow wilted them!  We began the day at the Chase Park Plaza…. the extra scarves […]

Alexandra + John wedding {by kate & meredith}


I love new experiences! Don’t get me wrong, I also appreciate the comfort that comes with knowing what you’re going to get. I have certain restaurants where I order the same entree every single time because I know I love it. Same thing happens with my wedding photography! I have favorite end tables for details […]

Christine + Nick wedding {by liz}


Sarah and Nick are pretty much the best.  They are genuine and funny and sweet… you will be able to tell from the photos that they are a perfect pair.  They are both chefs… and let me tell you, I go into the Brasserie (where Nick works) on a regular basis and every time he sees […]

Sarah + Nick wedding {by kate & meredith}


I first met Megan and Anthony earlier this Spring for their engagement photos… they are from California, so we had communicated primarily by email up to then… they brought Hudson, their then one year old little guy, to the shoot and I was immediately smitten with all three of them, and was excited to see […]

Megan + Anthony wedding {by kate & meredith}