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L Photographie


So sometimes life is funny (at other times, like right now, while my basement is flooded and my plumbing is leaking, it is decidedly NOT funny, but I digress) THIS moment was funny… This vintage yellow diamond ring is the same one that St. Louis Bride editor Nancy Slade chose to use for our cover shoot […]

Rachel + Chris wedding {by kate}


Ahhh where to begin?!  Another Osborn girl got married, and I was lucky enough to be there to capture it.  Truly one of my favorite families and such a fun group of vendors that is was almost like a mini family reunion to see everyone again.  I am pretty sad that there are not any […]

Katie + Shawn wedding {by kate & meredith}


Sarah and Nick are pretty much the best.  They are genuine and funny and sweet… you will be able to tell from the photos that they are a perfect pair.  They are both chefs… and let me tell you, I go into the Brasserie (where Nick works) on a regular basis and every time he sees […]

Sarah + Nick wedding {by kate & meredith}