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L Photographie


I think this is my first blog of 2015! Well, we are definitely staring it off right then. I’m going to have a little bit of fun with these two I think. I’m pretty sure they can take it! Teah and Michael are a really fun and laid back couple. Teah says that being high […]

Teah + Michael wedding {by liz & meredith}


Love, love, LOVE these two! One of the very best things about photographing people for a living is actually getting to know the people on the other side of the lens. I meet so many interesting people, but sometimes I am lucky enough to meet the sweetest and most fun ones around. I’m pretty sure […]

Brandie + Fred wedding {by liz}


Jenna and Josh are super fun and full of laughs (you may recall them from the infamous ring on the dog’s nose photo from our previous engagement shoot!) ¬†Plenty of good times were had on the wedding day as well! cute robes for the ladies! the gorgeous bride (those eyes!) and Josh getting his little […]

Jenna + Josh wedding {by kate}


I’m not going to lie to you wonderful people out there in the world. The weather pattern that has been swirling around over the St. Louis metropolitan area has been TOUGH on us poor wedding photographers this year. These little storms that seem to be coming in daily are all fine and dandy as long […]

Kat + Michelle wedding {by liz}


I LOVE snow! I know, everyone is done with it here in St. Louis. I must admit it has been a long winter. But in my personal opinion, if it’s going to be cold as hell then it may as well be pretty and snowy! So although it didn’t actually snow on Laura and Kevin’s […]

Laura + Kevin wedding {by liz}


My little sick doggie put me a wee bit behind on my blogging. I just shipped out Becca and Josh’s photos to Jefferson City, MO today! So in an effort to beat them, I thought I’d get a quick last minute, under the gun blog up for them. Quick, but not short! So many cute […]

Becca + Josh {by liz}