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L Photographie


Ana and Michael are adorable… they both smile and laugh a lot, and their wedding party was full of people who like to goof around and have fun too!  Even a dreary day where it rained on and off was not going to stifle this good time!!  :D Time to gown up with a little […]

Ana + Michael wedding {by kate}


I loved so many things about this session…especially Sarah’s adorable corgi puppy Ruby! Oh my goodness so cute :) She may have converted me to a small dog lover (I grew up with a lab/german sheperd mix so always tend to favor big dogs). Sarah’s style is pretty awesome too…she picked such great accessories for […]

Sarah : Class of 2015 {by meredith}


Laura, Jim and children-doggies! We took these in Blackburn Park near their home in Webster Groves – I’ve never been before but it worked out wonderfully! They were able to run home, drop off doggies, change clothes and make it back in about 10 minutes. I was quite impressed with the Superman speed quick change. […]

Laura + Jim engagement {by liz}


Meet Kayla, one of our L Photographie Senior Reps for the Class of 2013. She is soon to leave the Junior Class and take charge of the school with the rest of the Seniors… counting down the days to break free and head to college I’m sure ; ) We had a fun session here […]

Class of 2013: Kayla


So one thing about this time of year that I don’t like, is that it gets dark so early… BUT I’m starting to change my tune on that. There is actually a big photographer bonus that comes earlier in the day now … sunset light! For us photographers that usually photograph families with small children, […]

Meek Family {by kristie}