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L Photographie


I have this mantra-ish thing that I use to make my poor husband a little crazy sometimes. Its a goal of mine to have at least a slightly new experience every day. Sometimes they are big and other times they are tiny. Maybe I take different route home and drive a road I’ve never been […]

Megan + Trey wedding {by liz}


OMG where do I even start… well, Happy Christmas Eve, I suppose!  I have been DYING to post this one, and it just couldn’t wait any longer.  This day is chocked full of fun, laughter, friends & family, and beautiful details.  Did I mention there’s fireworks?!  GAH!! We shall begin at the rehearsal dinner at […]

Helen + Ian wedding {by kate and meredith}


This was a wedding of a few firsts for us! A) It was our first wedding out at Overlook Farms and the grounds and Avalon Hall are both lovely. B) It was our first wedding with FIREWORKS! Crazy fun right?! Turns out fireworks are not that easy to shoot AND get great shots of the […]

Katie + Aaron wedding {by liz & meredith}