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L Photographie


I will forever remember Agnes and Denny as the first couple I ever video chatted with. I know, you are probably thinking “What?! How could she have made it to 2016 without ever video chatting with anyone?!” The answer is that I have avoided it like the plague. I, like many of my brides and […]

Agnes + Denny wedding {by liz}


Before I dive into any wedding day, I ask couples to walk through it with me. I want to know step by step about the people and things that are most important to them so that I can make sure my focus is where they would most appreciate it. As a wedding photographer, I’ve basically […]

Monica + Patrick wedding {by liz & meredith}


I can’t say it enough, I seriously love nice people. Just thinking about these two puts a smile on my face and then I look like a crazy person typing and staring at a computer screen. And my husband Steve asks me what I’m smiling at all of the time. That’s a good sign right?! […]

Christy + Jeff wedding {by liz & mer}


Let the fall flashbacks continue!  Sarah and Scott (or the Zeroes as they are now known!) had a beautiful wedding here in St. Louis complete with letterpress stationary that the bride made herself and super cute bridesmaids robes, silver bell exit, and too many other cute little touches to mention…. Let’s begin at the beginning, […]

Sarah + Scott wedding {by kate}


So excited to share this beautiful wedding with you! I have a slight Renaissance Grand bias since my hubby and I had our reception there just over 6 years ago in the Crystal Ballroom. I am jealous however that Lynette and Terrance were able to have their reception in the Statler Ballroom which used to […]

Lynette + Terrance wedding {by liz}


The next in my series of catching up blogs is a flash back to the hottest summer day I can remember…  Luckily the church Katherine and Josh chose was directly across from Tower Grove Park, so we got some lovely photos and only had to be outside for about 15 minutes!     the wedding […]