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September 17, 2009

Trash (love) the dress madness! (by liz)

I really love doing these! It’s fun to come up with different locations and scenarios that are a little bit out there but not so much that everyone is completely freaked out. I think these are liberating and maybe a little bit exhilarating for the bride. At least that’s how I feel about it. There is always something extra fun about doing something that seems kinda bad…like hopping in a fountain in your wedding dress.

I really wish the term “trash the dress” hadn’t ever been coined. You can do things in your dress that you wouldn’t have done on your wedding day for fear of getting dirty without TRASHING your dress. Basically, we try not to do anything to your dress that a good dry cleaner can’t handle. I remember my mom freaking out and lecturing me about how wrong it was to ruin (aka trash – see why I don’t like that word?) a perfectly good dress when there are plenty of less fortunate people out there that would love to wear that dress. And then she saw the first round pictures and stated that it wasn’t as bad as she thought and that they were actually really cool (and it’s rare that you get mom to admit she might have been wrong!)

This is first time we have done a session plus groom. Pat made a fabulous accessory! And Sarah looked gorgeous as usual. Kristie and I do these together, but since she’s on vacation you’re getting a preview of just mine this time around. Once we made it into the water we started to lose Pat’s attention. Turns out he’s a bit of a water bug. We were taking serious and sexy shots of Sarah while we was just splashing around in the background like a 5 year old. Classic! I know Kristie has a great shot of just him striking what looks like a Michael Jackson pose with water pouring over his head that she really should share with you as it is downright hilarious. Off we go…enjoy!




I threw in this next shot so that you can get a feel for what the scene looks like outside of the shot. We were in the old riverfont, industrial warehouse area…pretty much the opposite of suburbia. A random guy on a crotch rocket dropped by to tell us it was a really beautiful shot. I think he actually used the word beautiful. Such an odd moment in time.













Since these shots are so “bad ass” sexy and sultry they all seem so serious. So I threw this one in to prove that we were having fun!



Ok, so check out Pat in the background splashing around. I’m pretty sure that Sarah made that face in the right photo after we told her what her new husband was up to in the background.



Another one to give you an idea of the situation. We had Sarah and Pat jump in the center of the fountain while it was low and as soon as they did, well, you get the idea. Not exactly the scenario we had in mind considering we couldn’t even see our subjects. It got MUCH better after that though…as you will see!






I have so many faves from this session, but I think this is my very, very fave. Everything came together at just the right moment for a fabulous shot. Thanks Sarah and Pat for being great sports and playing along while Kristie and I asked you to do seemingly nutty things!


So who do we get to throw in next?! I’ts getting a little late in the season for water (BURR!) but we are well into booking 2010 stuff. It’s never too early to call! Did I mention I LOVE doing these?

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  1. Pamela says:

    what a gorgeous session!!!

  2. Andrea says:

    I love all of these Liz! Oh my gosh….you are amazing…all of these look like something out of a magazine!

  3. What a fabulous set! That first shot on the right is awesome! She looks gorgeous!

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