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August 7, 2014

Baby Ellie and her Big Bro Wells {by kristie}

My. My. So, I’ve been MIA from the blog for a little while. Whoops! It’s always the busiest months that I seem to skip the blog step and rush to get families their full photo session galleries. Probably the right thing to do. Wink ;) Hopefully I’ll get my act together and blog the sessions I missed throughout this month. I had a few super fun family sessions up in Chicago that I’d love to share… think carnival & cotton candy! But, not going to lie, my baby-brain is kicking in, so I better write that on a post-it before I forget! Those of you who haven’t bumped into me, via social media, or in person, may not know I’m 5 months pregnant myself. Due this December. It’s FLYING by this second time around … probably because I spend my “cough cough” *spare* time chasing around my 4-year-old, so I keep forgetting I’m pregnant. But, then I attempt to bend over and am immediately reminded! OK – enough about my soon-to-be family of four …

… I’d like to introduce you to this cute one! Little Ellie arrived June 17, and we photographed their family newborn session about 4 weeks later. Mom was looking for a more natural, relaxed session, versus the newborn posed-style that is a little more traditional these days. I do LOVE these more “lifestyle” sessions at home. Honestly, I love both styles for different reasons, which is why I still offer both.

So, on to Ellie and her cute family:


Big brother Wells holding her feet. So cute. I die. (probably my hormones ;)


Adorable kiddo!



Wells was headed to see Planes #2 the next day. I actually wish I could have seen how excited he was in the theater. This kid is a fan, to say the least! Luckily, having a 4-year-old boy at home myself, I was able to “talk the talk.” Ripslinger and all ;)

Then Dad & Wells take a little YouTube break, while Ellie gets a food break … these are the real life moments you one day forget … and when you revisit them, they bring back SO many other memories.

Beautiful Mommy & her kids. Michelle looked AH-MAZING for having a baby just 4 weeks prior. Right!? I’m already jealous.

Daddy and his girl … love.

And sweet, sweet baby.

Congratulations to all of Ellie’s family!

~ Kristie

St. Louis Newborn and Family Photographer.  ~ Now booking for fall, Sept & Oct 2014.

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