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September 14, 2012

Baby Hayden {by kristie}

Sharing another tiny bundle of joy that came into our studio. She was so quiet and sweet, even Liz (who is usually not here when I photograph newborns) commented on how good she was! And she didn’t just “say” that since she is good friends with Hayden’s Mom and Dad ; )

Starting with the cutest little curl-up. I think babies on their bellies are always my favorite pose:

A tiny little smirk, that I’m sure will be seen for many teen years to come:

And my favorite from the session…
Mom & Dad visit a ranch in Wyoming each year, as a family vacation, so they wanted to incorporate cowboy boots into a photo.
A little insider-info: a lot of the “prop” photos seen with newborns these days all over Pinterest make me a little nervous, as I don’t think most people know they are totally Photoshop tricks. The baby MUST be supported at all times. So, I don’t usually get “prop” and “setup” crazy in here, but when you’re talking about incorporating cowboy boots… I think we had to ; ) So, this was our idea to show how teeny-tiny Hayden is. And one day, she’ll look back on this photo and realize she was smaller than a cowboy boot. How fun!
(and to note: This IS a Photoshop trick. We had supportive hands all over her, thanks to Tina my awesome assistant, and Hayden’s awesome Dad.


Congratulations to the Bond family!
I’m so honored to have photographed the start of your little family!
avec l’amour
(with love),

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  1. Suzi Mahe says:

    OMG! Adorable!!! LOVE these!!

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