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June 2, 2011

Backsmeyer Family {by kristie}

OK – I’ve got some blog catching up to do! Lots of Moms waiting on sneak peeks, so more from me over the next few days…

First up are two little sweeties in the cutest little ruffle dresses. I’m pretty sure Mom said she got them at Ruffle Butts if you’re on the hunt for cute ruffles!

We decided to start the shoot at their home, as they are moving soon and we wanted to capture a few shots at the girls’ first house. Big sis didn’t really like the idea of little sis hanging on her bed with her. This is as close as we could get them. (ha). As annoyed as I think Mom was… it’s something funny to show them when they are each others maid of honors one day!

(sidenote: I like that she’s reading a book about a new baby in the house! Irony.)

It was clearly more fun to just jump with no little sis.

So, off to the park we went.

What a perfect little face.

Making Daddy work up a sweat before heading to the office. Totally worth it.

And everyone’s favorite. Swings!

Then one quick “hello” to the horsies before we left.

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