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June 1, 2011

Katie + Byron {by liz and kristie}

I can’t think of a better way to kick off wedding season than with these two! Talk about getting off to a good start. Gorgeous bride, teary-eyed groom (sorry Byron I had to), one of the most beautiful churches in St. Louis, no rain (believe it or not), my fabulous friend and photographer Kristie by my side all day, topped off with one of my favorite historic ballrooms for dancing the night away. Let’s dig right in shall we?!

Katie and the girls primped and prepped at the Westin while Kristie hung out with the guys at Byron’s parent’s house. I think I saw a photo of Byron getting his makeup touched up too but I may have been seeing things. My brain isn’t what it used to be. Katie is quick to laugh and so easy to be around. Once ready everyone was whisked off to St. Francis Xavier, the SLU College Church for a the ceremony. I loved Byron’s face as Katie started walking down the aisle (see tears below).

You know when the sky looks like it is just going to let go and drench you with a torrential downpour at any moment? That is what it did to us all day without a drop! Mother Nature sure does have a sense of humor. It was just scary looking enough to keep me on my toes moving at hyper speed to fit in as many photos as possible before the downpour that would never come. Evil I tell you. We took a few photos in Grand Center, scurried over to my favorite vine wall for a few quick shots, and then headed to Tower Grove Park to find a couple of the last blooming dogwoods. After playing in the park for a bit it was off to Katie and Byron’s alma mater Saint Louis University for a few final pics. And wa-la…SUN! We took some cute photos of Katie and Byron sitting on the patio where these lovebirds used to eat lunch together every day in college. Love it.

The Coronado Ballroom was decorated in their signature blue and white college colors, toasts were grand, the food was nothing short of spectacular (which I have come to expect of the Coronado!) and the music kept guests dancing the night away. Congrats you two! It was a pleasure spending the day with you!

Katie – definitely not a nervous bride!

I have missed the array of beautiful wedding shoes over the off season…

The videographer…no wait, not a usual videographer. The DP (did I get it right Jon?!) rocked. He asked Katie a bunch of “off the top of your head” questions like if Byron was an ice cream flavor what would he be. And I got some great shots of Katie cracking up.


Seriously not the least bit nervous! Or at least it never showed. This is less than five minutes to go time!

Awww…I love this one.

Love this sliver of window light shining perfectly on grandma.

Wait, looks like Katie shed a tear too. Alright Byron – you two are even!

Married! My angle…

Kristie’s angle…

Stopping traffic in Grand Center. No one would run over a bride and groom right? The photographer though – that’s another story!

Pretty colors in front of the vine wall.

Off to Tower Grove Park!

This is Kristie’s…it’s one of my favorite portraits of the day.

Their lovebird lunch patio at SLU! They don’t call it that. I am being cheesy and calling it that. But it has a nice ring to it right?!

A perfect breeze picked up Katie’s dress at just the right moment.

And off to the Coronado!

I couldn’t make my off camera flash create those little light stars on the cake topper again if I tried for days. Here’s to a great accident!

Love the Coronado Ballroom. This one really shows off the historic architecture.

Congratulations guys!

Church: St. Francis Xavier College Church
Reception: The Coronado Ballroom
Flowers: Soulard Florist
Cake: Steven Becker Fine Dining
Lighting: Exclusive Events
Video: Jon Michael Ryan – Tangent Mind
Band: Trilogy Band
Dress: LaSposa
Hair: Ginger Bay Salon
Makeup: Holly Speakes – ProColour Salon
Stationary: Two Blue Doors
Transportation: St. Louis Transportation

L Photographie St. Louis Wedding photographers Liz Sloan, Kate Hayes and Kristie Cromie

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  1. Congrats Katie & Byron! Thanks for having us capture your special day! Liz, I always enjoy reading your summary of the day. Nice job : )

  2. You made the venues of this wedding seem new or different. Love the textures and colors of the bride’s bouquet. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I have done exactly one wedding and now I know why I dont do them – there are pros like you guys that do it sooo much better! Amazing photos and a great story. Beautiful Liz, just beautiful.

    Congrats to Katie and Byron on a wonderful day and a great life together.

  4. Thanks for the comments everyone! So very flattered!

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