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November 5, 2014

Bailey Family {by kristie}

I (Kristie) have been SUPER M.I.A. from the blog this fall (and honestly sort-of this whole year). Partly due to trying to keep up with the insanity that is this season … Partly due to my baby #2 on the way (December!) keeping my house to-do-list quite full … And partly due to me not wanting to “spoil” anyone’s holiday cards or gifts. I’m planning to back-blog during my maternity leave hiatus this winter, so you’ll eventually get your fill of me. (wink).

For today, a tiny peek of the Bailey family, who has been patiently awaiting a preview. This was one of those sessions where Mom/Dad left feeling like the kids were “crazy” and “nothing good” probably happened. Honestly, a lot (a ton. most.) of families with two little toddlers probably leave shoots everywhere feeling that way. I know I’VE left shoots of my own family feeling that way. But, no fear, cuteness and big smiles were captured! Fast focusing and fast on the trigger is always a must for family photographers to master.

Hope you enjoy the tiny peek …


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