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August 24, 2011

Becky + Jared {by liz and kate}

Over the last eight years, I have found that about half of the time I don’t get to meet the groom before the wedding day. As a general rule, the bulk of the planning is left to the bride. Sometimes I meet moms, sisters, best friends and about half of the time I meet the couple. With hundreds of weddings under my belt, I can say with certainty that this is only the second time that my original meeting has been with just the GROOM. Yep, you read that right. Jared took the reins on the initial stages of planning!

And he did a great job lining up some of my very favorite vendors! The day was beautiful as was his bride Becky! It wasn’t 100 degrees outside, we had plenty of time for photos (but not too much), and as far as I could tell, everything went off without a hitch! Let’s dive right in shall we?!

I am generally not a huge fan of garters. I don’t know why…they sit funny and are kind of tough to make look interesting in photographs. However, THIS garter is awesome. It is Becky’s grandmother’s homemade garter from her wedding. And that is just cool.

Little earrings are tough to photograph. So I went with lot’s of white space and an interesting composition on these pretty little pearls.

Becky getting laced into her dress by the amazingly speedy Sabrina Torti from Proposing Dreams. No seriously, she was crazy quick. It gives me an idea for a contest…

I am totally jealous of Becky’s perfect posture and ballerina-esque physique. I’m only going to say it once even though I think it every time I get to the next photo!

The bubble hem on Becky’s dress was perfectly accentuated by the material of her gown. I have actually never seen a dress made with this material which seemed like a very light and thin silk/satin. Maybe just silk. It fell beautifully.

So pretty! Beautiful big brown eyes.

While the girls got gussied up, the boys played some poker downstairs. It’s just so tough being a groom. ;)

First sight at Washington University where Becky and Jared went to school!

Beautiful bouquets by Sisters Flowers shot by Kate while I did a group portrait!

The boys.

And some of my favorite portraits of the day! I had a really tough time narrowing these down…

While Becky was looking straight back at me, Kate was able to get this angle. Which I LOVE.

My angle.

A little jogging action shot!

Pretty in pink!

Surprise hug attack!

And we’re off to Graham Chapel for the evening ceremony!

While I was in the aisle for the procession, Kate hung out with Becky and her dad for a few final shots behind the doors before they headed down the aisle.

Jared’s mom had this smile on her face all day long. I think she was happy or something. PS – you can’t really see him here but I swear that Jared’s dad looks exactly like ESPN sportscaster Chris Berman (aka Boomer)! I sent a shot to my husband Steve and he totally agreed! And was proud of me for thinking about football while editing a wedding. :)

Wedding paparazzi.

The handoff.

Wide angle view of the beautiful Graham Chapel.

Becky’s mom looks so proud. I can see where Becky gets her posture.

Vows under a beautiful floral chuppah by Sisters Flowers.

Jared’s dad.


One more quick pic of Becky and then it’s off to the Sheraton Clayton Plaza for the reception.

Cupcake tower by The Cakery Bakery. Yummmm…

It was so cute that I think you need a wider view too.

Fun and touching toasts. The number of tears shed by the maid of honor actually had us all in stitches. No, we’re not that mean. She was laughing too. I swear.

Let the dancing begin!

It’s time for the hora. Ok, so this is how it starts…

And within seconds I am fearing for my life as I have chosen to place the chair I am standing on way too close to the dance floor. I wholly underestimated guest participation!

A perfectly placed bouquet toss.

Jared – you are one flexible fella! That is one of the most impressive garter tosses I have seen. You are like Neo dodging bullets in The Matrix.

Any wedding that ends with the bride and grandma dancing on chairs can certainly be deemed a success. Congratulations Becky and Jared!

Wedding Coordination: Sabrina Torti – Proposing Dreams
Ceremony: Graham Chapel at Washington University
Reception: The Sheraton Clayton Plaza
Flowers: Sisters Flowers
Cupcakes: The Cakery
DJ: Rockstar DJ’s
Specialty lighting: Exclusive Events
Chair covers: Sitting Pretty
Officiant: Lamira Martin
String Quartet: Rosewood Ensemble

L Photographie St. Louis Wedding Photographers Liz Sloan and Kate Hayes

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  1. Skip Hefel says:

    You ladies did an excellent job, the best to you!

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