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August 22, 2011

Sarah + Jason {by liz}

We don’t do very many destination weddings over here so when we do it’s a special treat! Sometimes I think we should market ourselves to try to get more of them, but then again, they are a lot of extra work. And if we did it more often it wouldn’t be nearly as special of a treat now would it?!

This one was an absolute pleasure. Sarah and Jason are just an awesome and easy couple to know and be around. They are both quick to laugh and smile. One of the things I do truly love about destination weddings is how well I get to know the couple and their close friends and family members. I hear stories I wouldn’t otherwise have been privy to, personalities and characters become more defined and the photos themselves seem to show a more real side of their subjects.

Let’s start off by making sure everyone knows where we are! Savannah is the “City of Squares” with 21 squares throughout the downtown area. That is some very cool urban planning.

A pic of beautiful Lafayette Square the evening before the wedding. Time to rehearse!

Sarah and Jason always seem to to be having so much fun together!

Smiles, smiles everywhere…

After a laid back rehearsal we headed a couple of blocks over to Billy’s Place at McDonough’s for some grub.

Mmmmmm…bacon wrapped green bean bundles. I don’t even like green beans. But these are wrapped in bacon. And I love bacon.

As the night went on things got a little goofy…

And a little lovey. Both of Sarah’s parent’s are great huggers. I’ll show you mom here in a few!

Moving onto the morning of the big day! The printing on their invites was raised silver ink. Very cool.

A blog post just wouldn’t be right without some shoes and some shiny stuff.

Mother daughter special moment.

Momma giving her daughters a good squeeze.

Moving on over to see what the guys are up to and delivering a very special gift!

Kate and I shot Sarah’s boudoir session and she is an absolutely beautiful, sexy woman! Yes, Jason, we snuck behind your back for this surprise. Gotcha!

Finishing touches…

Looking good!

When Jason told me they had to pull up a Youtube video to see how everything went together I totally cracked up. What did we do before all of this wonderful technology at our fingertips?!

Ok, back to get a few finishing touches of Sarah!

It’s time for a wedding! Jason never took his eyes off of Sarah from the moment he saw her. She told me afterwards that is why she was able to hold it together. (Background – there were some tears at the rehearsal – I was looking forward to a nice wedding waterfall. Foiled by Jason!)


Dude wake up! You missed the whole thing!

And now it’s time for some fun portraits around historic Savannah. Enjoy!

I think of this as the manly men “superhero” pose.

Just so easy together. They seem to melt into one another with little to no prompting from me.

Love this angle. Most all of the historic homes had these steep staircases going up to the front door from the street. I could have shot stair cases all day long. Not enough time in Savannah to start my staircase portfolio!

Moving on to one of Savannah’s coolest features…spanish moss. I was entranced by it. I had to have it in some of the photos. It just screams Savannah to me. I’m not sure the locals feel the same way, but I love it.

A favorite.

And a little bit of tilt shift fun!

The sun kept going in and out all day making my job a little more challenging but giving us totally different looks. Some under the mossy trees have a deep, rich, cool, damp forest feel and some like this scream sunny and warm!

Another fave down by River Street.

And now it’s time to head over to the Hilton Savannah DeSoto for some dinner and dinner and drinks! This greek salad plate makes me hungry. And I know it’s a weird thing to notice but I like the napkin “bow” on the bread basket. It seems fitting for a bread basket.

Cake by Art Cake Company! There were a couple of flavors and I had a slice of some crazy good brown sugar cake.

Kicking off the evening with some fabulous toasts!

Fun signature mat caricature of Sarah and Jason.

Savannah skyline view from the hotel. The church you see so clearly is the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist and it is located on Lafayette Square in Savannah where Sarah and Jason were married. St. Louisans will find this interesting…it is the ONLY Catholic Church in Savannah! Granted it takes up multiple city blocks and holds so many people that they don’t need another one, but I still find that fascinating. Seeing as we have one on almost every block.

Dancing the night away.

They played a special song for Sarah’s parents. I love this look.

Congratulations guys! Thanks for introducing me to an amazing city! I’ve already told Steve that we need to go back for a real vacation. I can’t wait!

PS – Sarah and Jason and I had a gorgeous day after session at Tybee Beach. But seeing as this post already has over 60 photos in it I will save those for later! But be on the lookout!

Wedding Coordination: Posh Petals and Pearls
Ceremony: Lafayette Square, Savannah, GA
Reception: Hilton Savannah DeSoto
Cake: Art Cake Company, Savannah, GA
Band: Chris Crosby Group
Stationary: My Gatsby
Officiant: Billy Hardwick
Hair & makeup: Patty O’Hair, Grafton, IL
Bridal Boutique: Clarice’s Bridal Fashions, St. Louis, MO
Jewelry: Alexander’s, Alton, IL

L Photographie Savannah Destination Wedding Photographer

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  1. Phyllis J Elliott (P.J.) says:

    Jay I just found this and I do hope you get it I am very proud of the man you have become and I hope you are as good a Husband as you were a kid.I hope you and Sarah have a wonderful life together and if you ever have and children I hope they are as good as you Both of you

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