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October 23, 2010

Beth + Nate {by liz}

A rare midnight post from me! I’m exhausted from shooting yet another beautiful wedding today! Can you believe the weather we’ve had this October? I remember the never ending rain last year at this time…I know Kristie remembers it too! She kept rescheduling shoots until they were all dog piled on top of each other in the last week. Not this year though! This fantastic fall is almost making up for the horrendously hot summer we endured. But we kept smiling…and we made it through! All of my awesome clients kept smiling even though they were melting…I work with some amazing people.

Speaking of amazing people, I promised Beth and Nate I would get something up for them before they went to see their grandmother this weekend. She wasn’t able to make it to the ceremony but they are spending some special time with her and I think even re-doing their vows. And they wanted some photos to share so here we go! A beautiful September day with a ceremony at historic Trinity Lutheran in Soulard followed by a reception at Orlando Gardens. Nate is this laid-back, easy going guy that is easy to make laugh and smile. The kind of guy you want to kick back and go have a beer with at a dive bar. And Beth – she gives some of the best hugs I’ve ever seen. I had a tough time deleting receiving line photos if that tells you anything. And I wanted a hug from Beth by the time I was done editing them! Her smile is easy and natural and lights up a room. One of those people that makes everyone else around them feel better about themselves. It was a beautiful day and my pleasure to capture it. Enjoy the preview!

I LOVE this dress. Gorgeous flowers from the talented girls from Lucky You Productions!

I love it when I already have flowers to use for photos of shiny things!

Heya handsome! Good serious face.

See? Look at that smile!

I had to do this...when this kid grows up he's going to want to murder me. He walked the entire aisle without looking. He just covered his face and went for it! No hesitation, just straight down with blinders on. I was laughing so hard I almost couldn't get a photo.

And now Nate may murder me too! Seriously, some of the best faces as the bride enters the church ever. Both of them. One melts my heart and the other seriously has me in stitches!

Playing in Laumeier Sculpture Park.

LOVE these bench shots. Personal faves.

Little hidden was ice cream cake!


I’m missing all of the who did what’s on this one since I’m putting it up after midnight. Please forgive!

Ceremony: Trinity Lutheran
Reception: Orlando Gardens
Flowers: Lucky You Productions

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  1. Love the shots at Laumeier! Great light and smiles.

  2. OK – That little guy coming down the aisle is absolutely priceless. It represents how every little ring bearer really feels : )

  3. Oh – And LOVE the bride’s dress! Congrats Beth and Nate!!

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