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October 28, 2010

Katie + Byron engaged {by liz}

Oooo…I have a couple of new fave spots for engagement photos from this session! I thought about it, and I’ve never done engagement photos on the riverfront. Only wedding photos. Well, and some modeling portfolio shots. But not engagement! And their outfits were PERFECT for that location. I loved that they wanted to switch from a laid back jeans look to a more out on the town kind of look. I think it worked really well. We also passed a, um, ghetto car gang of sorts? Not sure what to call it. And Byron was all about getting a photo with one of those fabulous cars. But Katie and I were a little hesitant to say the least. I mean Byron is a manly man but I’m not sure he could have taken the entire lot of them. So, they have their eyes peeled for a fun wedding day car to make up for it! Take a look!

They look awfully relaxed considering the number of bees buzzing around us at this point!

Katie's idea to find a park bench. Cute.

LOVE this spot. Nature and cityscape all in one.

Byron's pose suggestion...hot!

Love those red shoes with the gray dress and dingy city stuff.

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  1. FUN session. So many good ones. Favorite may be this last one! So many good “photo” things about this photo!
    Also, would like to say… Katie should be in a Pantene Ad! She has the most perfect, smooth, long straight hair… Jealous ; )

  2. Katie Jacknewitz says:

    I think I’ve looked at these a dozen times today (at least)….is that acceptable? I love them, Liz!! Can’t wait to see all of them next week. :)

  3. Aunt Marsha says:

    I, too, have looked at all day ! I LOVE them all. I particularly LOVE the one on the park bench. It says it all ! Timeless !
    Love the subjects, too !

  4. The waterfront photos are awesome, especially the closer!

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