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September 23, 2011

Busy is good…right?! {by all of us…narrated by liz}

Oh where to start. I just took in a really deep breath and let it out slowly before starting to type. Deep breaths are how I combat the little panic ball that starts to build in my throat when I realize exactly how much I have on my plate. It is horribly true that misery loves company, so it makes me feel a little better that my girls Kristie and Kate are in the same boat…not sleeping, eating quick junk food while sitting in front of the computer, sending out a few “sorry your stuff is a wee bit later than I expected it to be” apology notes, explaining to husbands, boyfriends, parents, friends and pets that you will have more time for them at a later date…and last but not least, taking deep breaths.

I decided yesterday that I really needed to put up a quick blog note thanking all of our clients for their patience and letting those waiting for their stuff (whether it be photos, contracts, shoots, albums or meetings) that we are on it and working as hard as possible to make it happen! We all kind of eat and breathe photography. We don’t take what we do lightly and tend to pour our hearts and souls into every shoot and every image we edit. And we all have a difficult time saying no. Which may mean that we are a little in over our heads at this very moment, but the craziness will pass and we will get back on schedule soon enough. And we will have plenty of awesome stuff to share with you right here non stop through the holiday season! So hold on tight…the rest of 2011 is going to rock! It is flying right by…you can feel fall in the air today and it’s exciting!

In the meantime, here’s a quick snapshot of some of the things we are working on right now! So many awesome people we get to work with. So lucky to be a part of your lives!

Some of Kristie’s wee little ones! Starting with these big and little brothers…

Mieka’s cute belly…

Kristie’s adorable little nephew Graham at 4 days old…

Playful Clara’s one year old shoot…

And a Breast Cancer Awareness month of October shoot for Francesca’s Fancy Flops…

Then Kristie and Kate teamed up (while I was in my walking boot due an annoying little stress fracture) to shoot this hot boudoir session!

Kate has been busy too! A vow renewal for Katie and Neil, who married in London (who needs a green card, right?!?)

What do you do when Franklin, the roly poly bulldog comes bounding at your camera? Keep shooting!

Kate shot the first ever wedding at The Pageant! Congrats Adrienne and Paul.

Kate and I teamed up for this boudoir session with Margaret who is SO great at looking coy (liz holding fan and looking silly off to the right out of frame)!

Kate took a little trip to Columbia to “tramp, tramp, tramp around the columns” with Christine and Larry…

Just a little taste of what marriage is like! A funny outtake from Colleen & Josh’s engagement session…

And then on to me! Kate teamed up with me as an emergency backup to shoot Kelly and Steve’s wedding when I hurt my foot. These two never stopped laughing all day long.

We also shot Becky and Jared’s Love the Dress session in the rain. So romantic.

And we braved heavy winds to take some head shots for the lovely and talented Katie and Shayna at Envy Events!

And on that subject, Katie had quite the elegant surprise birthday party!

Julie and Scott had a perfect day for a winery wedding…

Kristi, Jeff and I found this cool old Ford truck on accident while shooting their engagement session in Lafayette Square!

I had the opportunity shoot this special client party hosted by my old friends at Charter Media. It look place ON THE FIELD at Busch Stadium!

Kevin and Jenny spent a few moments on their wedding day at one of their favorite spots on the Wash U campus.

And Stephanie and Jeremy braved traffic for some fabulous night shots in the middle of Washington Avenue!

So blessed to have so much wonderfulness in our lives. Thank you for your patience while we work. Wonderfulness is worth the wait right?! Big smooch!

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