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September 24, 2011

Trotter Family {by kristie}

I love watching families grow. And am always amazed at how fast time goes by, seeing all these little kiddos grow up. I photographed JD when he was one, and now he’s a big brother to a one-year-old. They are so darn cute together. JD is a great big brother, and so admired! (sidenote: I am going to have a severe heart attack out here when toddlers I’ve photographed turn into high school seniors I photograph. My birthday is next week, I’m in a bit of getting-old-panic-mode).

On with the cuteness…

“My big brother is so funny!”

And the feet. Love the feet. My 1-yr-old son is always barefoot, so I totally get it.

Such a cute family!

Tickle Monster book. So hilarious. One of my personal favorites!

And I, as a mother, have a special place in my heart for “love Mommy” photos. Too sweet.

A quick squeeze for Mom & Dad, while the kiddos are occupied, and that’s a wrap.

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  1. Gen says:

    That feet shot is so adorable!!! :)

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