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March 23, 2011

Cassie + Adam {by liz}

Wedding number two for 2011 and off to a great start! Cassie and Adam were so laid back and easy to work with. As much as I love taking photos, I truly LOVED that they didn’t want to make their whole day about the photos. It was important to them to enjoy their day from beginning to end and to make it by their favorite hang out (and where Adam proposed) Nick’s Pub. We started off at Cassie’s parent’s house in Webster Groves with the girls hanging out and getting ready. It was relaxed. That is an odd word to use pre-wedding but it is true! No one was worried and everyone was in high spirits. Then they were whisked off in a limo to St. Gabriel’s church in St. Louis Hills for the ceremony. After a beautiful Catholic mass it was on to Molly the Trolley and off to Forest Park for a few wedding party pics! The rain held off and Cassie showed off her orange polka dot rain boots. Then the party really began – a large number of shots ensued at Nick’s Pub on Manchester. I must say, I was quite impressed. My liver isn’t in as good of shape as it was before I started shooting weddings every other weekend, but I still love a good party! Then it was off to the Moto Museum on Midtown for the final festivities of the evening which ended with a hot dog cart serving late night snacks. Seriously, check it out!

Starting with the shoes. Always the beautiful shoes.

Happy and laid back bride Cassie. No crazy rushing around drama in this house!

Starting off the year with some good shiny stuff makes me happy.

Sweet gift from Tiffany's accompanied by an even sweeter letter from Adam.

Perfect light for a perfect reflection. I think Cassie's mom JUST used some pledge on this table!

Let the dressing begin!

Orange rubber boots! It was mushy out. These were a good idea.

How cool is that hair? My whole head of hair is the volume equivalent of one of those curls. (Jealous sigh.)

This one cracks me up. So I asked Cassie to get dressed in front of the big pretty window, but the big pretty window just happens to face the front of the house. So this has something to do with her taking her pants off...

Smiles everywhere.

Almost 1:00 and time to go to the church - we are right on schedule! Rare. Very rare.

At the church hanging with a wee little man before heading down the aisle.

Yes Adam, she is beautiful.

Proud parents.

Giving grandma a really good hug.

The after effects of a really good hug: a few happy tears.

Married! Time to celebrate!

One of my very favorites from the day.

Just playing around!

You would never know it was overcast and kind of dreary out. These two have smiles to warm up any space!

Love the boots and the tree roots. I

Sassy little over the shoulder peek. Now it

The whole gang! I believe Cassie and Adam's first date was at Nick's Pub AND it is where Adam proposed! Love it when my couples incorporate things/places that have special meaning to them. PS - this group can hold their liquor. I have never seen this many shots taken and everyone still standing at the end of the evening. Quite the feat!

Hmmm...Cassie I don't know if you should take that if that's the face you're making BEFORE you drink it. :)

Yes, yes you caught me. You win! However I am standing on a table so I'm not sure "inconspicuous" was really my goal at this point. :)

Feel's weird eh?!

Off to continue the merriment at the Moto Museum!

The Moto Museum is a cool venue down in Midtown right next to Triumph Grill. Amazing food.

Pretty colorful tables! They ran satin ribbon across to pull in all of the colors. Very cool idea!

The cake topper? Bride and groom Pez dispensers! Apparently Adam has quite the collection.

Now that's an entrance!

Now that's a dance party! Wait, that's not the groom.

There is something special about this bottle of liquor. It started disappearing immediately after the wedding and now success! Gone.

Breakdancing! And a wee little bit of photographer nerdiness. See how you can almost see two of him? Well, my off camera flashes caught the first one and my on camera flash set to second curtain caught the second one. Fun effect eh?!

Congratulations guys!

Ceremony: St. Gabriel’s Catholic Church
Reception: The Moto Museum
Flowers: Tina Barrera The Special Event Florist
Cake: The Cakery Bakery
Small cakes on tables: LeGrand Deli
Stationer: The Paper Patch
Dress: Maiden Voyage
Hair: Color Pro – Holly Speakes
Trolley: Molly from Tour St. Louis
DJ: Complete Music
Hot dog guys: Kenny’s Dog & Tamale Show

L Photographie St. Louis Wedding Photographers Liz Sloan and Kate Hayes

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  2. kellyteck says:

    You know I am LOVING all that orange.

  3. Pamela says:

    YEAH, GORECKI!!! i’m so happy for you- congratulations! you were in excellent hands with Liz.

    Liz, i’m you captured this rowdy crew perfectly! gorgeous and insanely fun photos.

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