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June 24, 2011

Dalton {by kristie}

It’s a busy blogging day. Here’s a share for Dalton, who has turned the big 1. We got to play in one of my favorite parks near their home (and mine). Hope you enjoy the peek!

Gotta love that serious look. And that dimple chin is way too cute.

Peek-a-boo around Mommy.

Fun walking practice on our way to the playground.

And swing time! One of my favorite things to shoot for some reason… even though you get way more blurry than in focus – it’s super fun to capture.

Quick parent shooting tip for swinging kids … If you have a long lens (which means it’s long-range, you can be far away from them and still cropped tight), back yourself up while the other parent pushes and you’ll get more in focus versus being right in your kid’s face. Or if you can’t go that far away with your camera, still back up a bit, then just crop into the photo later. It’s easier to get a moving object in focus from a distance!
These first two were shot with a 200mm, the vertical ones at 70mm (because I was laying on the ground under him, Pilates style)

Cracks me up to see his face between the leg of the swing.

St. Louis Family Photographer, Kristie Cromie.

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