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June 24, 2011

Julie + Matt {by liz}

I don’t even know where to start with this wedding! Settle in and find a comfy chair because this is going to take awhile. Julie and Matt (more Julie than Matt – sorry Matt!) put an amazing amount of thought into each and every little detail. So many pretty things to take photos of! Including the bride herself of course. So let’s get started…I’m going the comment route again so I won’t bore you too much up front. I can be chatty.

Only one other time in my 8 years and nearly 200 weddings photographed have I ever experienced this kind of constant, full day, no breaks kind of rain. Words like “isolated” and “scattered” don’t scare me because I know we will find a pocket of time to take some photos outside. Actually, rain itself doesn’t scare me…it just makes things a little bit more difficult. BUT, some of the photo opportunities rain can give you if you are willing to work with it are spectacular. Umbrellas are romantic and a reflective world has a completely different look than it’s usual self. And so we did! Julie and Matt huddled under an umbrella and out we went! Not an umbrella for effect or as a prop, but an umbrella to literally keep from being drenched. We endured mud and puddles thanks to the help of some selfless bridesmaids!

It all starts at Bonhomme Presbyterian Church in Chesterfield, followed by a quick trip to Highcroft Ridge Elementary where Julie and Matt first met and ends dancing the night away with a very special guest at Chandler Hill Winery. Shall we begin?!

In LOVE with these Kate Spade shoes…wait, Julie what size do you wear? Any chance you would consider parting with those beauties for the right price?! Not to mention that cushion cut ring. Wowza!

I’ve seen these custom hangers only a couple of times and I appreciate the attention to detail. I’m usually rummaging through hotel closets to find at least a cute wooden hanger for my dress shots, but Julie already took care of this one for me!

Julie also runs a stationary business and is spectacular! Check out these invitations she put together for her own wedding…the textured paper is to die for. (Shameless plug for Ten Four Paper!)

Just one more of the shoe…

Julie’s cute Save the Date story design.

Matt getting his FIRST gift of the day from Julie.

Cuff links made from the old Busch Stadium!

This is where Matt tells the room that Julie said in her note that she still loves him more than Albert Pujols. “So that’s not so bad” is a pretty close Matt quote if memory serves me.

Julie stepping into her dress. Everyone always says this is when it feels like it’s actually happening. I have to say I felt the same way. It’s crazy what a white dress can do!

That dress looked made for Julie.

Finishing touches!

Bonhomme Presbyterian Church for the beautiful ceremony.


Beautiful Julie.

Doesn’t this just look serene? I love the quiet moments I get to have with just the couple on the wedding day. They are few and far between in the craziness of a wedding day. Time seems to stand still for about 60 seconds and then it’s back into the wedding whirlwind of fun!

Did I mention that it rained ALL DAY? Only a couple of times have I ever had the experience of a full day of wedding day rain. But these two were willing to get out in it and get some great shots! Rain has it’s positives…huddling under an umbrella together is 100% cuteness. And some of the interesting reflections off of a water covered world make it completely worthwhile. It forces us to work quickly and in little tiny bursts of time so there are fewer total shots overall but some even better than they would have been otherwise. It’s all about taking it in stride like these two did!

As I mentioned above, Julie and Matt are ELEMENTARY SCHOOL sweethearts. And I thought that high school sweethearts sounded crazy! So here we are on the Four Square court (do you call it a “court!?”) at Highcroft Ridge Elementary where they first met. See what I mean about the reflections?

They thought I was just taking a photo of their shoes and socks…(hee-hee)

Off to Chandler Hill Winery for the reception! We took cover under their giant umbrellas for a few shots. Well, they took cover. I didn’t need to stay beautiful. Who says “drenched” isn’t becoming?!

Oooo…quick! It’s just misting! However, it is muddy. A small concrete slab helped us get a few vines in a shot!

The trip back from the concrete slab. Who says chivalry is dead?!

And now…amazingly perfect reception details and flowers.

Placecard little flower vases-favors. Love.

Cute cupcakes on a stand custom built by the groom and his dad. And then covered in beautiful paper by Julie.

Sweetheart table.

Mr. and Mrs. toasting glasses.

I found a little overhang with perfect light just big enough for a couple more portraits. Well into the reception and a few drinks means we were all little more relaxed at this point! Well, no drinks for me. You know what I mean. Don’t want the photos to be crooked and fuzzy.

So this is the good cake cutting shot…

But I personally like this one better! Like an old house, it just has more character. And characters. Literally.

I didn’t know Matt was a dancer, but this dance he and his fraternity brothers did for Julie was impressive! And I danced, judged and instructed for a good 15 years of my life so yes, I am qualified to make that statement (although I’m pretty sure I would throw out my back if I tried to do a high kick at this point.) They weren’t looking at each other to see what came next and for the most part were perfectly in synch. Not to mention the added pizazz and style they put into it!

Matt’s reaction to his SECOND wedding gift from Julie…

FREDBIRD celebrity appearance!

Congratulations Julie and Matt! It was a perfect day. I love how you guys made it your own.

The amazing vendors that worked on this day!

Wedding day coordination: Brit Tucker Stewart of Brit Stewart Weddings
Ceremony: Bonhomme Presbyterian Church
Reception: Chandler Hill Winery
Gown label: Marisa
Bridal salon: Town and Country Bridal
Hair and makeup: Salon Bella
Cake/cupcakes: Whipt Cream Cakes and Cupcakes
Flowers: Mark Miller of Flora-Event
Stationary: The bride! Ten Four Paper Wedding Design and Stationery
DJ: Scott Laytham & Kari Holmes Duo

L Photographie St. Louis Wedding Photographers Liz Sloan and Kate Hayes

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  1. Liz, these are beautiful! Really, just stunning!

  2. Awesome Liz! What a beautiful day – even though you had rain. It made for an awesome story and some super original photos for them. I love the 4 square wet ground. (I use to rock that myself in elementary ; ) Congrats to the bride & groom! And Julie – LOVE your paper, designs, and details! Off to google your store right now! : )

  3. admin says:

    Thanks ladies! I always say it helps to have pretty things to take pictures of. :) Makes my job easy!

  4. Kate Hayes says:

    love the four square reflection shots… and LOVE the invites (well played Julie, well played) :)

  5. Julie Goette says:

    Thanks all! I LOVE the photos Liz! Such a wonderful job. And thanks for the paper love! :)

  6. Carolyn Burke - Wedding Liaison says:

    What a fun event and story. Love the locations! Congrats.

  7. Chris Armstrong says:

    Wow, loved the photos and attention to detail !!!!!!!!!

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