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June 13, 2011

Erin + Chris Engaged {by liz}

So funny story…early this year I am meeting with Erin and Chris, talking wedding, showing them some albums and such and they tell me that they are in from Wilmington, NC. And I tell them that I am going to be about an hour from there on vacation for a few days in May with my husband’s family. I see them both slyly look at each other and then Erin kind of shyly asks me if I would be willing to take a few engagement photos of them while I’m on vacation. And I pounce on it because I can’t relax for too many days in a row or I get all jumpy and anxious! (Obviously I’m type A – usually under control but with lack of stimulation I start to go into remission.) Plus it’s always fun to shoot in a new place. Here is your little preview! Thanks for trusting my driving skills in a car I didn’t know how to drive in a city a didn’t really know how to navigate. Somehow it all worked out though. :)

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