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June 14, 2011

Sugarman Family {by kristie}

These parents have their hands full. Hands full of cute little girls, with the cutest little curls. (I really didn’t mean that to be cheesy when I started writing. It’s just the truth).

Big sis…

Middle sis…

Little sis… (And those blue eyes. Oh my. Honest, I did not enhance that color in Photoshop!)

Entertaining little sis…

Snuggles with Mommy. The best.

And I’m not sure what the parents are up to behind me (I never ask), but it worked : )

I love this flower headband big sis made. Perfect for a game of patty-cake.

Little sis took a snack break, so we let the other girls run off some steam.

Then, for some alone time with Mommy…

and Daddy…

And some alone time FOR Mommy and Daddy. Well, a whole 15 seconds probably.

What a fun family! Hope you enjoy the peek : )

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