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November 1, 2012

ERIN + JOHN {by kate}

This blog, like my last few, and my next few, are  late in coming… sometimes life throws you some unavoidable curve balls and those curve balls can do things like knock you off your bicycle, or break your 8 year old’s arm etc… I want to give a shout out to all of my clients who have waited patiently as I begin to catch up a bit.  That includes Erin and John who are receiving these photos of their beautiful summery wedding in the fall!  Erin has a wonderful clean, crisp sense of style.  Red lips, polka dots & chevrons in classic navy and red… LOVE it.  Her dress, ironically enough, is the same one Liz and I shot for the cover of St. Louis Bride Magazine a while ago… it was beautiful on Erin and suited her to a tee!  Enough rambling.  I began with Erin and her parent’s home, while Michelle, my trusty sidekick for the day, met John and his family.

There just happened to be some of Mom’s unfinished knitting in a deep red yarn lying around, and who am I to ignore destiny….

love these little clutches made from vintage ties! So cute.








a little wedding day love from an old friend


I can’t decide if I like the serene quiet or the radiant smile more.. wait, this is my blog darn it, I can have both!

and then there’s John…


dig the socks!


Ceremony time!


the littlest attendants






mr & mrs!


this makes me chuckle– it was hot and there were little fans out everywhere

I asked the big guys to unbutton their jackets, and little man was not about to be left out!



beautiful bouquets by Bloomin’ Buckets


Erin attended school at St. Genevieve Du Bois



a little hometown Kirkwood action…








the little handkerchiefs Erin gave all the bridesmaids are beyond sweet























and finally to Lindell Pavilion for the party!

an adorable striped cake from Lubeley’s Bakery

and tons and tons or great little touches…




I adore the creative response card display and the map of the guests home towns






a groom’s cake surprise… “I love you anyway” HA!




right place at the right time for a lovely last sun flare







thanks for letting me capture all the fun! with love, kate

L Photographie St. Louis wedding photographers Liz Sloan and Kate Hayes


hair: Marah Morgan and Mitchell James Salon

makeup: Rana Zoroufchi

gown: Christos from Town and Country Bridal

cake: Lubeley’s Bakery

Florist: Bloomin’ Buckets

ceremony: St. Genevieve Du Bois Church

reception: Lindell Pavilion (Forest Park Visitor’s Center)

band: Charles Glenn Band

catering: Catering St. Louis

transportation: Tour St. Louis

paper goods: invitations- Two Blue Doors, all else: made by bride!

favors: Gooey butter cakes from Lubeley’s Bakery



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