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April 12, 2011

flowers and race cars

{by kristie}

Man have I been blog MIA. I’m glad I have Liz and Kate around to keep this thing interesting : ) I’m going to get a little blog crazy over the next couple weeks. I have some cute families, babies and Senior photos to share, a book publishing, a country/pop CD cover publishing, the most fun ABC book ever, and more! (my to do list is a mile long over here. although that’s really nothing new).

While I’m getting organized – If you don’t “like” us on facebook … which you totally should by the way, and here is the link to do it … than you didn’t see the shots of my son, Will, who turned 11 months old yesterday. Growing bigger every day and looking forward to turning 1 next month! We did a quick 5 minute stop at this awesome hill of white flowering grass/weeds yesterday. We tried to “man it up” a bit with a race car… that you can’t really see because of all the flowers. Ha. I’ll be using a shot from the series for his birthday party invitations going out later this week. A vintage race car BBQ party that I’ll share photos of next month. I can’t believe my little guy is almost 1.

p.s. If anyone wants to rush over to this hill before it gets mowed – It is near the playground at Willmore Park – off Jamieson Ave in St. Louis Hills neighborhood.
: )

St. Louis Children’s Photographer.

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