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April 10, 2011

One year ago today… {by liz}

One year ago today and FIFTY-ONE years ago yesterday, my mom and dad tied the knot. No that is not a typo, I really said and meant FIFTY. One year ago today, my family and I celebrated this milestone anniversary with them. Family and friends traveled miles, many from the great state of Ohio, to enjoy the event. My mom isn’t too keen on being the center of attention, but my father is a ham (yes I said it and no I will not take it back!) My brothers, well, they tend to take more after my father (this is my blog therefore my opinion is law.) You will see their big smiles and jolly spirits here in a sec. I consider myself more of a hybrid of the two…I’m pretty outgoing and chatty in a small group but in a crowd tend to enjoy hanging in the shadows watching moments unfold.

After a little prodding, I talked my my parents (specifically my mom) into a simple vow renewal ceremony. I mean, after all, none of us kids got to see if the first time around. We need proof! To make my German, history buff father happy, we chose Trinity Lutheran in Historic Soulard (the oldest Lutheran church this side of the Mississippi) for the event. My mom’s original maid of honor Marianne walked down the aisle and stood right up there next to her again. My father’s best friend and best man Dave Day has passed away, but his son proudly stood in his place.

We followed ceremony with a beautiful dinner at the Cabanne House in Forest Park! The entire park and it seemed the entire city was in full bloom. We ate, drank, laughed, toasted and celebrated with friends and family across generations. And it was beautiful. I am so thankful for the memory of my parents laughing and smiling all day long. I will remember it always.

Thank you to Kristie for capturing so many wonderful moments for us this day. I think she was about 8 months pregnant with little Will, but that didn’t effect her talent one bit!

Trinity Lutheran in Historic Soulard

Programs and my attempt at a bouquet! Not anything like what my amazing florist friends produce, but thank you to Lisa at Belli Fiori for helping me get my hands on some beautiful stems!

My mom and brothers in the foyer just before walking down the aisle (see – jolly!)

I don’t know about anyone else, but if my mom doesn’t like being the center of attention it doesn’t show a bit!

During the ceremony Pastor Marth gave the crowd the opportunity to cheer them on or beg them not to go through with it…again.

Us telling them to run while they still have the chance…

After hugs and congratulations!

The wedding party.

My brother Dave getting my mom to chuckle. And my “R” made of marshmallows!

Me and my brother Steve with our dad. Happy times!

Mom, Pops and the kiddos. If you can really call us that at this point.

The happy couple.

And off to the Cabanne House in Forest Park for dinner!

I had fun with the table settings…if you need to borrow anything just ask. My basement has slowly turned into a virtual rental facility. Just ask my husband Steve.

My mom holding a photo from their wedding day in 1960.

We basically had 5 tables of 10. Each table represented a specific decade of their marriage and the menus at each table were designed with photos from that time. Here is my dad dressed as santa (which he still does every year) with his best man Dave on his lap. This makes me smile.

No cakes here! Pies only. And the family favorite front and center…custard. Yum. Thanks to my good friend and baker extraordinaire Sally for these scrumptious creations!

Just some pretty pics of the flowers!

Fun toasts.

Apparently Pat’s dad Dave was big on White Castles when he and my dad were roommates in college. He was also big on practical jokes…

Needless to say, there were no White Castles in that bag.

Boxes with little sweet treats for the guests – homemade buckeyes representing Ken and Linda’s Ohio roots. And a fun picture display of moments and memories through the years.

Memory trees held notes from guests and I made my favorite gooey butter cookies. We needed a taste of St. Louis in there somewhere!

The Cabanne House at night. Beautiful venue for a lovely couple on the perfect spring day.

My parents with Dave and Marianne on their wedding day, April 9, 1960. Fifty years later and still in love! Marriage may have it’s ups and downs, and I’m sure they wouldbe the first to tell you it’s no walk in the park. But I think knowing that you are better human beings together than you ever could be apart gets you through the tough years. Love you both!

L Photographie St. Louis Wedding Photography by Liz Sloan and Kate Hayes

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  1. Awwwwweeee. Your parents are so darn cute. I’m glad I got to witness and capture that day. It was awesome… even though I was waddling around like a duck.
    HAPPY 51 years to the Reiffs!

  2. Stephen Reiff says:

    Will always love this day in time! Thank you sis!

  3. i adore this post…what a fabulous gathering! and liz – gooey butter cookies are to die for! also my fave (insert salivating here)!

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