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August 24, 2012

Heather + Dave {by liz}

Rarely does everything go perfectly on a wedding day. Usually it’s all about taking a deep breath, letting go and rolling with the punches. That being said, I don’t think I can come up with one thing on Heather and Dave’s wedding day that DIDN’T go just as planned! Except for the fact that my husband left me with a car with almost no gas and I was panicked that I was going to be stuck on the side of the road at any moment. Thanks for adding some excitement to my life honey! But as for everything specifically related to the wedding day, it was just perfect. The weather wasn’t too crazy hot, everything ran completely on schedule without being rushed, the sun was shining, the crystal ballroom looked perfectly set and the dance floor was packed with friends and family having an awesome time dancing the night away. What more can a couple ask for?!

A big thanks to Jennifer Crowe of Cobblestone Road Photography for shooting with me all day! I think your positive thinking kept us from running out of gas. :)

Starting with the pretty invites from Midwest Marketing.  Heather and Dave’s color scheme was bright and happy!

Pretty gown.  This has become one of my favorite dress angles.  Although I get looked at funny every time I do it.


Just finishing up final makeup touches.  Flawless!

I really need to put together a book of shoes.  So many little beauties…

Girls of all ages getting zipped in…

Cute custom clutches Heather got for all of her bridesmaids!

I love this photo.  It definitely has a sense of motion to it. There is just so much going on in this one little sliver of time.

I love grandmas.  This little spitfire wore the same dress she wore to her daughter’s wedding in the 70’s!  It was very boho chic.

Finishing touches.


And while the girls were doing ALL of that, this is what Dave and the guys were up to.  For the record, if I were a guy, I would be doing the same thing. :)

Just before the ceremony Heather, her parents and the girls huddled together in a small side room…

Here we go!

Beautiful St. Ambrose Catholic Church on The Hill.  So many gorgeous Catholic churches in St. Louis.


Cute little patio on The Hill.  Love.

And off to the park for a wee bit more frolicking…

Love Jen’s angle on this shot.

We fit in a little bit of historic cityscape on the way to the Renaissance Grand.

Tickle fight ends in a kiss.

Pretty Cakery Bakery cake and really adorable jars of jam as favors.

Wedding Mad Libs were placed at each setting!

Lisa at Belli Fiori designed the beautiful floral arrangements.

Flip flops to encourage lots of dancing.

How gorgeous is this room?  I have never seen it washed in magenta lights!

A St. Louis favorite as a late night snack…Gus’ Pretzels!

Congratulations Heather and Dave!

Such a beautiful day! Thanks for having me! With love, Liz

Ceremony: St. Ambrose Catholic Church
Reception: Crystal Ballroom at the Renaissance Grand
Flowers: Belli Fiori
Cake: The Cakery Bakery
Band: The Spectrum Band
Hair: Meggan Decker from Pixie’s Hair Design
Makeup: Gregory Dierlam
Dress: Mori Lee from Clarice’s
Stationary: Midwest Marketing
Favors: Hope’s Pantry jars of Jam and Sweet Sanity custom stickers
Lighting: Millenium Productions
Late night snack: Gus’ Pretzels

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