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June 27, 2010

Kelli + Brian {by liz}

I had the pleasure of shooting Kelli and Brian’s wedding in late May. These two are good friends of mine and as I have mentioned before, it is always a pleasure to capture people you know so dearly on one of the biggest days of their lives. I was actually there for a little undercover shoot of their engagement at the zoo last year due to the crazy cool Brian who actually created a secret engagement website for fam and friends without Kelli’s knowledge. Let’s just say that we all had very specific instructions complete with background info and maps showing us where to stand (and stay out of sight) for this big surprise!

So a whole year of planning has gone by and during that time plenty of late evening/early morning drinks have been had over dresses, locations, shoes, colors, etc. Well, I’m not sure what Brian and my husband Steve were discussing on the other side of the bar table, but we were very productive on our side. ¬†These two are so in love with each other…I would say passionately in love with each other. I’m sure many couples love each other just as much as they do, but these two seem to ooze love. And it makes me smile.

Although an incredibly happy occasion, I shed more tears behind the camera this time than usual. Kelli lost her mom recently but it was obvious to everyone present that she was there with us all day in spirit and in memory. The room was filled with love and it was beautiful.

I know we talked about me having fun and really getting to kick back and enjoy your wedding, but I am honored that I was able to do this for you instead. Enjoy the preview! Want to pick up proofs over a few beers?!

Ceremony: Sheraton City Center downtown St. Louis
Reception: Lemp Grand Hall

Green Shoes. Love.

This is one of Kelli's wedding gifts. Brain knows her love for pirates. Arrrrrggg!


And maybe a wee bit nervous!

And happy! Talk about a range of emotions.

They wrote their own vows. Some of the most thoughtful, unique and fitting I've ever heard.

Proud papa.

Kelli...serious hottie face. You're always so smiley. I didn't know you had it in you!

Back at the zoo where it all started!

Someone tell them there's a doggie on the cake.

Side funny story: I'm not sure why, but Kelli and Brian's nicknames for one another are Ray and Jerry. It has something to do with Jerry McGuire. That being said, not everyone knows this. I was taking this photo when a guest walked in and said, "Oh, I think we're at the wrong reception." And Brian is a Cubs fan. Yes folks, mixed marriage. We wish them well.

Engravable frame! Guests sign it with a sharp "pen." Love it!

Reception took place in the historical Lemp Grand Hall.

Teary eyed toasts from the father of the bride.

St. Louis Wedding Photographer Liz Sloan for L Photographie

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  1. Ame says:

    These are awesome! I have known Brian and his family most of my life, so seeing these makes me happy.

    BEAUTIFUL photos of a BEAUTIFUL couple. Well her mostly…. haha

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