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June 30, 2010

My little love {by liz}

It’s been a really tough day for me. My little girl (doggie) Greta is having back surgery as I type.  Just yesterday she suddenly wasn’t walking so well and soon after not moving much at all.  When Steve came home from work and she tried to run to the front door to say hi, she only made it about a foot before she had to sit down again.  On the positive side her tail still worked well!  She was so excited to see him but just couldn’t get there.  So from clinic to clinic we traveled this morning to find out what could be done for her.  Alas, the answer: little doggie back surgery…immediately.  She has an 85% chance of walking again, and I’m hopeful that she will make a full recovery.

Just thinking about her and wanted to share an old photo of my cute little girl!  This was our holiday card a few years back.  She loves Christmas.  Really she just loves opening presents – she seriously rocks at tearing off the paper.

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  1. Oh no, poor little Greta! I hope she has a quick recovery and all is OK!

    • admin says:

      She made it through surgery but the surgeon said (as nicely as possible to keep me from freaking out) that it was pretty bad in there and that her spinal cord was very bruised. Just keep the positive thoughts coming her way – thanks Kristie!

  2. Barb lewis says:

    o – I hope she’s OK – I know she’s so much more than a pet – she’s part of your heart. I just know she’s going to be OK – too much love going her way…..

    • admin says:

      Thanks Barb! I JUST got a phone call from the clinic and although she is doing worse today than pre-surgery, she does still have a little it of feeling in both of her back feet. Which is a good sign! They have visiting hours so we’re going by to see her at lunch. Thanks for all of the positive thoughts!

  3. admin says:

    Quick update on little Greta! Three days after surgery and the good news is she has feeling in her back legs. However, she is yet to actually move them. It is so tough to see her like that, but the doc says she still expects her to walk again. Thanks for sending the positive vibes everyone! Maybe those plus my birthday wish will make it happen.

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