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October 6, 2011

Kelly + Steve {by liz and kate}

Smiles and laughter. That pretty much sums up this entire day for me! I know, I’m normally really long winded and it takes me paragraphs to make a point, but this one is easy. Kelly and Steve smiled and laughed all day long. I have a feeling that is just how they normally are together. Sounds like a good way to go through life right?! Their ceremony and reception both took place at Moulin Meetings and Events…such a cool space. I managed to give myself a stress fracture the week of their wedding and was wearing a stylish giant black walking boot and hobbling around. A big huge thanks to Kate for joining me at the last minute to make sure that Kelly and Steve were well covered while I was crippled! Enjoy the photos!

Time to get Kelly into her dress! Simple and elegant. I could tell right away that Kelly is a very down to earth, non-frou-frou kind of girl.

But she is quick to smile. And I love it!

Kelly stop yelling at me! You hired me to take your photo all day long now deal with it! :) I’m sorry Kel – I had to. This could be the funniest face I have ever caught on camera!

Sisters just applying some finishing touches…I shot Kelly’s sister Kayla’s wedding back in…2005 or 2006?! Holy cow where does the time go! I feel like I have only been doing this for a few years!

You are so pretty I could just squeeze you!

This may be the most unforgettable “first sight” series of photos I have ever taken. Normally this is a touching moment. But seriously, Steve could not stop cracking up. You see your beautiful bride for the first time, the woman you will spend the rest of your life with. You’re maybe a little teary eyed right? Steve’s reaction? To laugh so hard he can’t breathe! We were ALL cracking up by the end. Seriously.

Off to the park for some photos!

I may have photoshopped Kate out of this next shot. Bye Kate!

I asked for a “saunter” and this is what I got. :)

New favorite gangway…

And back to Moulin to shoot the reception details while everyone gets re-primped! I found out after the fact that those boxes are filled with Gooey Louie gooey butter cakes! Darnit I missed them! I LOVE those things. If you have not had one, go. Go now.

Cake by McArthurs Bakery – a hometown favorite!

Pretty flowers by the guys over at Botanicals Design Studio.

Guests are starting to arrive!

More smiles. :)

Proud parents.

The ceremony was mostly candlelight. Not the easiest for us, but very pretty ambiance for guests.

And off to the party! Kicking things off with some great toasts by Kelly’s sisters.

Darn. She caught me being all paparazzi.

First dances.

MORE laughter!

And a couple of final parting rooftop shots! We had a great time with you guys! Congrats!

Ceremony and Reception: Moulin Meetings and Events
Flowers: Botanicals Design Studio
Music: Dueling Pianos from Jive and Wail (Spanky and Loopy)
Favors: Gooey Louie gooey butter cakes
Hair and makeup: Salon Papillion

L Photographie St. Louis Wedding Photographers Liz Sloan and Kate Hayes

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