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October 7, 2011

Kristi + Jeff Engaged! {by liz}

I adore this engagement session! Engagement sessions are nice times for me to try out some new angles, locations, etc without the pressure, stress and of course TIMELINE of a wedding day. Most importantly, I get to pick the time of day I want to take them (aka SUNSET…always sunset) afterall, photography is the art of capturing light. So good light is the biggest key to a good photo.

We met at Khaldis in Demun, played on some swings, wondered around the park and then headed over to Lafayette square for a few final shots. Can’t wait to shoot Kristi and Jeff’s wedding in May of 2011!

I love how voyeuristic this one feels. Take a step out and think about how I looked when I was taking it. Crouching Tiger Hidden Liz.

Double tree. Double people.


So we park in Lafayette Square and as I’m waiting for them to change clothes in the car I look down, and huh. That’s a cool arrow. I wonder what I can do with a cool arrow.

Different gangway from the last post. But a cool gangway nonetheless. They did this perfectly. It looks 100% believable that I caught them making out in an alley. They are really working it!

Random awesome truck.

And a little romance…good times!

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