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October 11, 2011

Stephanie + Jeremy Engaged! {by liz}

We may have squeezed a lot of stuff into a short period of time, but it was certainly worth it! After a few shots in Forest Park, we headed over to an awesome old red door on an abandoned church, then scurried downtown to play in the water at City Garden, hang our at a metal sculpture and stand in traffic on Washington Avenue with the last wee little shred of light in the deep blue sky. And we did it all in about an hour and fifteen minutes. Crazy I tell you! Enjoy!

I just love sunset. Cutting the light with the tree branches leaves just enough for a sparkle without a strong flare.

Pretty wildflowers!

I think this one would make a beautiful giant wall art print. Maybe I will get myself one for our new studio!

Puppy love.

Does it look like their dog is actually SMILING at me or did I accidentally ingest a magic mushroom?

These are a couple of my favorites! Great expressions. This fun red door is a block from our new space!

Playing in the fountains at City Garden.

Followed by a little relaxing after all of the running and twirling and such.

The blue period! That’s what I call the last 10 minutes of light in the sky that makes it almost look fake! A PERFECT time for some Washington Avenue pics.

Beautiful job you two!

L Photographie St. Louis Engagement Photos by Liz Sloan and Kate Hayes

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  1. Hannah Miesner says:

    Love these!!

  2. Love that blue period!

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