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September 27, 2012

KIM + JOHN {by kate}

Okay folks, buckle in, this is kind of a long one.  Between the crazy scheduling of fall and my kid breaking his arm, I have not been on the blog for a few weeks – so in my triumphant return to blogging (don’t call it a comeback!) I present for your viewing pleasure, Kim and John.  They are a California couple whose sense of style is almost as awesome as their sense of humor.  We laughed and had fun from start to finish, and isn’t that what it’s really all about?!  I found myself actually smiling at my computer while editing… Liz and I occasionally catch each other doing this and realize to outsiders this may make us appear insane, and in those moments are very glad we are in the privacy of our little studio here!  I will begin with the shiniest of things….


kim tells me this is concrete in John’s band-so cool!  (of course also love the bling…)

mmmm  Badgley Mischka




the old & the borrowed things


awesome stationary suite

time to get ready!





one cufflink for St. Louis, and one for San Francisco, and a real bow tie that John had to prove he could tie before he was allowed to have… don’t worry John, nobody has to know about the you tube videos (wink!)



one of the best first looks I have seen in a while…

this is his reaction to seeing Kim for the first time.  Hilarious.


LOVE this one.

and these.


see?!  they’re just so gosh darn happy it’s contagious!

lovely work by Belli Fiori


the wedding party












that serious face lasted all of… oh 30 seconds!  ha!



a quick pop in at the Amsterdam Tavern on Morganford… a favorite haunt when they are in town

Historic Trinity Lutheran in Soulard

ushers bouts – too cute.

okay… I am posting this solely because as I was editing all I could think was that this looks like a family portrait in 10 years.  I don’t know why, plus the kids are adorable.



John’s Father read one of the most moving pieces I have heard at a wedding







fist pump

aaaand fist pump.




mr & mrs!

so fun– the Funky Butt Brass Band met us outside and we all marched/danced from the church to the Soulard Preservation Hall for the reception.




hams.  love it.

balloon release!



a few last dance moves before we go in….






maybe the prettiest soup I have ever seen.  Entre Events catered and the food was AH-MAZING.  If you have never had the pleasure of attending an Entre Underground dinner or event you are missing out on some serious yumminess.






yes fellas, that is how you want your lady to look at you when you’re not paying attention.









Whipt Cream delivered a beautiful cake…


which got smeared on John’s face….

and then politely cleaned up.

let the party begin







some partiers lasted longer than others….









this is Kim showing me that she can still do yoga, even in a wedding gown (not bad!!)


Congrats Kim & John, and  thanks for a beautiful, fun, happy day!  with love, Kate


L Photographie St. Louis wedding photography by Liz Sloan and Kate Hayes



hair and makeup: Tami Scott Studio

planner: Ashley Rath of Dishy Events

dress: Glamour Closet

florist: Belli Fiori

ceremony: Trinity Lutheran Church

reception: Soulard Preservation Hall

Second Line Band: Funky Butt Brass Band

catering: Entre Underground

linens: Connie Duglin Linens

cake and desserts: Whipt Cream

paper goods: Seahorse Bend Press

specialty cocktails & photo stop: Amsterdam Tavern

favors: BIlly Goat Chip Co.



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  1. Ashley Rath says:

    LOVE, LOVE and more LOVE. These photos are fantastic Kate!

  2. Jaymee says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! You did a fabulous job capturing the joy and beautiful details. What a fun wedding to be a part of…thanks Kim and John, and congrats!!

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