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April 21, 2014

little Max {by kristie}

O. M. G. I mean really. O. M. G. This kid is so cute I can’t handle it.

Little Max, and his sweet Mom, graced our studio earlier this month to give all of us at L Photographie an afternoon of smiles. I absolutely love photographing this age. I’m sure every child photographer would agree. There is never a fake smile. Peek-a-boo and silly noices are always HILARIOUS. Plus a huge bonus of this sitting-up, yet pre-crawling age (usually around 6 months old) is that they actually stay put for all those smiles! Which is fabulous.

I’m so, so glad I got to see Max at this stage. He is turning into quite the little charmer. (insert cheek pinch).


And if you want to see more of Max, click here for his newborn session.

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