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August 26, 2011

Love the dress day after session at Tybee {by liz}

I promised that these would be coming soon and here they are! What many photographers call Trash the Dress (otherwise known as TTD in wedding circles) we call Love the Dress. It’s a great excuse to wear your gown one more time and take some stellar portraits with (or without!) your new hubby. It allows you to take some photos that you would NOT have taken on your wedding day for fear of messing with perfection. Whether that is sitting on a beach in the sand or on blacktop in the middle of an isolated road, traipsing through a field of wildflowers or laying in a stream, or in this case kissing while waves crash around you, it is liberating and downright fun.

We don’t ruin gowns over here, we would much rather have you donate it to Goodwill so someone else can afford a beautiful gown. But we do LOVE water shots! The motion of water whether it is waves, a stream or a fountain adds an effect and a feeling that is tough to describe. The way a gown floats effortlessly and moves in liquid is beautiful. But don’t take my word for it. Take a look!

Follow up note: Sarah has had her gown dry cleaned and is wearing it for a local reception for friends and family here in St. Louis.

Trying to hold a kiss while bring knocked over by a wave is no simple feat. But it’s all about having fun with it!

LARGE wave. They held it against all odds. Water crashing everywhere. Love it.

I brought them back in a little so they could relax a bit. Less action movie, more romantic drama.

Sarah – you are killing it here. Those eyes, the messy hair, perfect. Thanks for joining me and trusting me with this fun excursion!

L Photographie Tybee Beach Photography

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