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January 23, 2012

Maggie + Austin {by liz}

Maggie and Austin were my final wedding of 2011! Talk about ending on a high note. Two major things I love about these guys: 1) They both wear their hearts on their sleeves. So much wonderful emotion throughout the day. From uncontrollable laughter to sweet tears and everything in between. 2) They don’t take themselves too seriously. Sometimes I see the overwhelming weight of the wedding day take over. But these two made it feel like it was just another fun day in the rest of their lives! I mean a bride and groom willing to sit in damp grass for a cool photo because it’s “just a dress”…how could I NOT love them?! I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!

I loved the “natural” feel of the entire day.  Twine tied programs and a beautiful, soft bouquet from Magnolia’s Flowers below.

These Cartier hand shaped dress weights are antiques that have been worn by all of the women in Maggie’s family on their wedding days for generations.

Beautiful setting on a bushel of wheat.

It was CRAZY windy.  I won’t even begin to tell you how long it took me to get those shoes to balance in that tree.  The girls were laughing at me from the window of the bridal room at the church.  I was determined…grrrrrr…

Cool burlap ring bearer pillow.

The beautiful Maggie!


Maggie’s sisters putting on the “hands.”

All of the younger ladies sitting in a row!

One of my very favorite photographs of the day.  Maybe even of the year.  A private moment in a crowded room.



And smiley Austin hanging out with the dudes.


The best and worst aisle sign ever.  That 100% adorable banner says “Here comes the bride”.  I love how proud that little guy looks in his bow-tie marching down the aisle with his completely illegible sign.  These are the moments that make a wedding perfect.


Ladies – you all know you want your man to have this reaction when you’re on your way down the aisle.



Trinity Lutheran church in Soulard.


I had so many happy photos of them coming back down the aisle that it was tough to pick just a couple!



Just a few little leaves left here and there…and we found them!



I love how much fun the whole wedding party seems to be having!

So here are the girls looking all cute and “normal”. You’ll understand when you see the comparison in a sec.

And same with Austin and the guys.  Then, I don’t know why, I say “Ok everyone tackle Austin!”  Now, sometimes these things come out of my mouth, and I have high hopes that everyone will play along, but usually they just kind of walk up, maybe give him a little punch in the arm or something.  Holy crap.


Austin played football for the University of Michigan so people took me more seriously than usual. ;)

I’m not sure what this is but it’s funny.

And now we move from funny to pretty.




Favorite portrait of the day.  Thank you to the Ginko tree that dropped these yellow beauties and to Austin and Maggie for sitting in them!


I was so excited to get to use this overpass.  I had thought about it all year and it just never fit in right.


Conversations with random passers by…

And while the wedding party hit a local Eureka bar, I loved on over to the reception at the Holiday Inn in Eureka to start in on some cute room and detail shots!

In love with the wheat arrangements.  And the vintage card box.

And the vintage shutter holding the place cards…the list goes on and on and…


Well planned toasts got quite a few laughs.



I love that this Holiday Inn doesn’t look anything like a hotel ballroom!  It is pretty with the old wood beamed ceiling. I believe they said it used to be a stable. However, I have been known to make these things up so don’t quote me.



Maggie and her dad…goofballs. :)

This is going to make mothers of sons everywhere tear up a little.  That is a damn good hug.

Dance party!  I feel like Maggie and Austin are standing still in this photo.  Congratulations to you both and your families!  I’m so happy to have been a part of it!

Church: Trinity Lutheran Soulard
Reception: Holiday Inn in Eureka, MO
Dress: Vera Wang
Flowers: Melody Human from Magnolia’s Flowers
Hair & Makeup: Elle Salon
Dj: Complete Music
Videography: Chris Coles with Elite Video

L Photographie St. Louis Wedding Photographers Liz Sloan and Kate Hayes

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