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December 23, 2010

Mandy + Adam {by liz}

The perfect end to a wonderful year. Most of you out there are scurrying around so you can relax and enjoy time with family and friends over the next few days. My evening is going to be spent playing Betty Crocker in the kitchen! Without nearly as much success as Betty, but I will give it my best shot. Which is exactly what we do all year over here at L photographie. Give our clients our very best from beginning to end. I’m thankful to have worked with all of you and am lucky as hell to have these other two photographers and best friends working by my side. Very few have it so good. Speaking of good, enjoy some shots from my final wedding of the year, my really good friends Mandy and Adam! A beautiful ceremony at Graham Chapel at Washington University followed by an afternoon reception at Sqwires Annex. Thanks to Sabrina Torti of Proposing Dreams for making things run so smoothly! It was a beautiful and fun day. May they all be beautiful and fun days. Happy New Year to all!

Love the light hitting the veil on the antique chair.

Mandy's grandma's vintage clutch. Gorgeous.

I love this moment. Mandy's mom carefully holding the bridal gown and waiting for Mandy to put it on.

It is rare I see REAL buttons instead of the ones on top of a zipper! Gives me plenty of time to take photos and play with light and angles so I appreciate it!

This one makes me smile. Sis gushing over Mandy in her dress.

Definitely daddy's girl.

Finally the veil...the finishing touch!

Beautiful Graham Chapel in late morning light.

Here comes the bride! Love Adam's smile.

Married! Isn't she beautiful? The light was pouring in those windows. It made my job more difficult for most of the ceremony but then I decided to turn the tables and take full advantage of it.

Late fall berries frame the newlyweds on the Wash U campus.

What do you think he's whispering? Hey - no dirty thoughts people!

One of my favorites.

Gorgeous bouquets by Sandra Kohler of Petals Galore!

Strolling in Lafayette Square.

The one on the right is another major fave of mine for the day! Looking mighty tall there Adam.

Time to party at the Sqwires Annex!

Another perfect cake from the Cakery Bakery!

More Petals Galore loveliness!

Let the toasts begin!

Dad's sweet toast pulling tears from both wife and daughter.

Sqwires Annex

Finishing things off with the first dance!

I like this photo for multiple reasons but one big one is that Mandy and Adam seem to be in their own little wonderful bubble world together while the guy on the left takes photos of a group of gals, the videographer in the background captures their every move and guests enjoy each other's company. It's just a neat little moment in time.

And off they go!

Congrats you two!

Coordinator: Sabrina Torti of Proposing Dreams
Ceremony: Graham Chapel at Washington University
Reception: Sqwires Annex
Flowers: Petals Galore
Cake: The Cakery Bakery

L Photographie St. Louis Wedding Photography by Liz Sloan and Kate Hayes

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  1. lovely wedding!
    and awesome last shot to end the day.

  2. oh, and also feel very lucky to be working with you too : ) thanks for the shout-out.

  3. Kate Hayes says:

    me too, me too! love you girls. pretty wedding Liz, love the can shot– not enough people do that!

  4. melissa allen says:

    Those made me cry!! Those were all so sweet.. you two look so freaking happy! Congratulations!!!!

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