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December 31, 2010

Santa’s Daily Holiday News

Our newsletters have finally hit the mailboxes around town. Another holiday card of us trying to make fools of ourselves. We think it worked. It’s been a great year of “shooting” people and we’re looking forward to 2011!


… and some outtakes for your viewing pleasure … the unedited behind-the-scenes silliness…

love the before and after of Kate getting “dolled” up.

gotta love baby Will hanging out in jail with Liz and Kate.

trying for serious, but it’s just too funny.

Liz had a really rough night in jail.

Kristie freaking out her poor child.

stick ’em up Will.

This pretty much sums up the afternoon. Confusion with a hint of fear while Kate “shoots” Will in jail.

Hope you enjoyed laughing at (with) us again this year!
And a BIG THANK YOU and shout-out to MAD ART GALLERY for letting us use your jail cell. Much appreciated!

If you’d like to see our previous years of silliness look here for 2009 and here for 2008.

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  1. Yara says:

    You guys have way too much fun making your Christmas cards. I want to be there for next year’s. Huge shout out to the originality!

  2. Dude – was my hair made for the 80’s or what?! (liz) Thanks for putting the post together Kristie! I think. I mean, by taking charge you get to choose the photos in which I look like a maniac on crack. However, you do look like you are about to eat your child in one so maybe we’re even.

  3. Kate Hayes says:

    fair enough, but I look like I am a Cure fan or an extra for the next crappy Crow sequel…. who knew I could look goth?

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