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May 20, 2010

Meet Will Cromie (by kristie)

I’m excited to finally share a few photos of my cute little boy, Will. He got his photos taken by the lovely ladies at Fresh Art Photography on Tuesday at their new in-home studio.

It was SO NICE to sit back on the couch with Mike and just watch our little guy be a model. He was fighting the sleepiness of their warm studio the whole time, but Kim and Jodie did an AWESOME job calming him into all these cute poses. They truly are some “newborn whispers” and I am so thankful for these shots they captured of my little man. (with my lack of sleep lately I can barely operate my own camera… but don’t worry… that will soon change and you’ll be seeing lots of this little guy out here!)

So, on with the photos … pulled from the Fresh Art Photography blog. Be sure to go check them out! Again, and again, thanks Kim & Jodie!

I brought along these two little owls from his nursery for this shot… this is going to have to be a HUGE canvas in there : )

Proud Mom and Dad : ) 

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