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May 16, 2010

For the love of garlic {by liz}

I know, I know, I won’t breathe on you. But I love it! I could pile garlic on just about anything. Whenever we make anything that calls for garlic Steve automatically knows to double the amount of garlic just for me (such a loving husband!) And then we figure that we both ate it and smell the same so at least we’re not offending anyone else. And the dogs think our breath is delicious. And there is such a big difference between using actual cloves and mincing or slicing yourself vs. using the stuff in a jar. I’m not saying don’t ever use it. It is totally necessary in a pinch or when you’re in a hurry and I’ve gone through more jars than I can count in my lifetime. But now the grocery stores are selling pre-peeled cloves so all you have to do is pull out the mincer and wah-lah! They are vacuum sealed and can stay in the fridge for months (a little tip my mother in law shared with me a few months back!)

I’ve been experimenting more with food lately so I’ve decided to start taking some photos of the creations. Why not?! This week – Garlicky Shrimp. A divine mixture of lemon, butter, white wine, Panko bread crumbs, a few other little things and a TON of garlic. I think it was a success seeing as the hubby went back for thirds. However, I need to get back on the diet soon so any future food posts will contain less butter and more veggies. In the meantime I present…Garlicky Shrimp!

L photographie photography by Liz Sloan

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