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May 14, 2010

Niki + Ronnie {by liz}

I think I’ve said before that it is always fun to shoot events that involve family and friends. It is a rare occasion for me but always a special treat. I have the opportunity of seeing people I know out of their usual element. Since I’m familiar with some of the personalities, It’s easier to know where to look for a possible happy tear, jokester in the room or the person who has had one too many glasses of wine and has morphed into a party animal/dancing queen. (Note: if I wasn’t shooting that last one would be me. I’m not judging – just observing!)

I had the opportunity to capture my cousin Niki and Ronnie’s wedding in April at Mary Mother followed by the reception at Palladium. And it was a beautiful day to walk around and take some photos in between! This was one of those perfectly smooth wedding days…something as rare as a four leaf clover (if not more so.) I don’t think a single thing went even slightly wrong all day! We had plenty of time for photos and Niki and Ronnie basically wanted to leave time to party on the bus while I headed over to Palladium to settle in. Congrats you two! May your marriage be as perfect as your wedding day!

One of my favorite moments below…some people decide to skimp on getting ready photos but some of my very favorite images come from this intimate time of the day.

Proud papa.

Reflections rock. Thank you water for being such a fun surface for me to work with!

I feel like I should have been blasting “Mama Said Knock You Out” or at least some Beastie Boys as they came after me down the alley. Love it. Gangsta wedding party.

The next three tell a little story…insert your own captions!

This little cutie had switched shoes with a giant. And I caught her off guard.

L photographie St. Louis Wedding Photography by Liz Sloan

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  1. Ashley Rath says:

    Fantastic photos! What an amazing job capturing the little, intimate moments!

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