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September 16, 2012

Stephanie + Jeremy {by liz}

All kinds of loveliness in this blog! Allow me to digress before I even begin. You know, my usual. ;)  I would say that around 30% of the couples you see on this blog meet with us before their weddings and tell us that they look terrible in photos. But if you’ve seen our blog before, you probably realize that is very much not true. In my opinion all of our clients are beautiful! Everyone wears “happiness” well and lucky for us, wedding days tend to evoke that emotion. Some people just require a bit more coaxing out of their shells than others. Stephanie and Jeremy would fall into “the others” category. :) They are both very comfortable in front of the camera! Which in turn makes my job quite simple. And fun. I think you will be able to tell! Shall we? We shall!

Fun little “I DO” on the bottom of Stephanie’s shoes.  And I love getting so close to things sometimes that they are more like modern art than what they actually are.  That’s a bracelet on the right.

This ring shot is on a clear reflective table with a wedding color reflecting from the background!  I like it when things just seem to work out on their own. Crazy cute invite by M Haley Designs.

Pretty ruffles and Stephanie opening her card and gift from Jeremy…aka “Jer Bear.”

Stephanie’s girls delivered Jeremy his special little something…with lots of excitement!

This cracks me up.  Jeremy’s face on the left comes from the fact that Stephanie wrote the equivalent of a short novel in his card.  Seriously, it was about the size of size 6 font and wrapped around three sides.  And he was determined to read ALL of it before opening his gift.

Which was a VERY nice watch.

Love the bow tie.

Everyone admiring the fancy watch.

Back to the girls’ room!  Where Stephanie had this neat sign made that included places that are important to both of them.

It was a party room from the very beginning.  Lot’s of smiles while the girls finished up hair and makeup in their monogrammed robes given to them by the bride.

Time to get dressed!

Gorgeous Stephanie!

And off to church!  Saint Clement Catholic Church in Des Peres.  And cool programs by the oh so talented Melissa of M Haley Designs.

I love all of the faces everyone is making at this baby.  And of course the baby is cute too. ;)

Everyone anticipating the bride…

Cool round church.  Made even more round with a fish eye lens.  Kinda fun!

Hugs and tears.

Married!  One of the loudest clapping and cheering sections I have heard at a wedding.  Quite impressive!

Off for photos!  Props to the entire wedding party for being really good at “bunching” together.  This is EXACTLY what I always try to achieve but some people just don’t bunch naturally.  This is perfect bunching!

A little fun with reflections.

And off to play in nature!

Love weeping willow trees.

Gorgeous bouquets by the ladies at Sisters Flowers!

Love the suspender look.

Hee-hee…sometimes I like to tell the guys that I’m JUST getting their feet and not their faces…and then get their faces. :)

Love this spot.  Stephanie and Jeremy played it well…

A few quick and fun pics around Ameristar Casino before heading over to nightclub for some details and room shots.

Whew!  Now that is one serious signature cocktail!  With a really fun name.

The nightclub space at Ameristar Casino…cool eh?!

A little cake…

Followed by some laughs.

Dancing started off slow and romantic…

And then turned into the craziest dance floor I think I may have ever seen at a wedding!  No seriously.  You rocked it Jimmy Hussey!

A little outside perspective of some photo booth fun.

More cocktails and late night snacks!

You are the man Jeremy. :)

Stephanie and her mom breaking it down!  I can see where Stephanie gets her moves.

And one more late night portrait to finish the evening right.

Congratulations you two (and happy birthday Stephanie)! Thank you for having me! With love, Liz

Ceremony: Saint Clement Catholic Church
Reception: Nightclub space in Ameristar Casino
Flowers: Sisters Flowers
Cakes: Wedding Wonderland
Linens: BBJ Linen
Chairs: Aries company
Other decor: Grand Rental Station
Stationary: M Haley Design
DJ: Jimmy Hussey – A Rockin’ DJ
Men’s suits: Joseph A Bank
Bridal gown: Maggie Sottero Miri gown from Clarice’s Bridal
Hair and makeup: Priscilla Brinkman of Christophers Salon, Nikki Russo of Saint Louis Salon and Spa and Maria Mannino
Late night snack/favor: Cold Stone Creamery
Wedding planner and Day of wedding coordinator: Colleen Daras-Schmidt
Transportation: JED Limo
Wedding soloists: David Kowalcyzk and Eugene Pierce

L Photographie St. Louis Wedding Photographers Liz Sloan and Kate Hayes

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