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Tracy and Andrew had a gorgeous, classic St. Louis wedding day in so many ways! However, if I had to put my finger on the one thing that screams St. Louis I would go with…the WEATHER! As of that morning, the weather forecast was for a day full of rain and storms. I did my […]

Tracy + Andrew wedding {by liz}


So Vassi and Pat are both zany and goofy — a perfect pair!  Their wedding day was action packed with laughs and quiet glances between them… I love that.  They got married at the ornate and gorgeous St. Nicholas Greek Church and had the reception at Chandler Hill and although it poured rain during the […]

Vassi + Pat wedding {by kate}


Now we are working our way back in time!  All the way back to just over a year ago actually.  There was snow on the ground then too!  MUCH more of it.  I love snow.  And it was the cherry on the sundae to this perfect winter wonderland wedding from beginning to end.  And to […]

Our work in print…day three! {by liz}