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Ahhhh…you guys! I’m back in on blogging. I swear. I have so much beauty and love to share, I’ve just been a bit behind on my client editing and needed to deliver images rather than take the time to share them. Speaking of, I owe my clients from the fall and winter a big apology […]

Carly + Elliott wedding {by liz & mer}


Bridget & Brian got married on a gorgeous, windy, late fall day.  We began and ended the day at the Four Seasons.This is one of the most gorgeous gowns I saw all year… daring, simple, elegant, and it fit her perfectly! finishing touches & the into the dress! Mom & Sis Confetti! Brian got ready […]

Bridget + Brian wedding {by kate & meredith}


OOH Finally I get to blog these cuties!! Ignacio and Jimmy, or Jiggy, as their friends call them (you know, Iggy + Jimmy, like Brangelina, or Benifer lol) renewed their vows in a small, intimate ceremony in Forest Park on a rainy, late fall day.  They chose to get ready together at home, which is […]

Ignacio + Jimmy wedding {by kate}


There’s just something nice about a backyard wedding, right?  Annie and Chris got married at her parent’s home surrounded by family and friends and then had a lovely reception at the new Majorette venue in downtown Maplewood! ready to get married! finishing touches with Mom aaaaand a sneak peek at the boys! meanwhile back at […]

Annie + Chris wedding {by kate & meredith}


Lauren and Reggie and a fun and unique couple who love to travel. In fact, I have seen a few of their honeymoon pics and it involves LEMURS.  That’s right.  How much cooler can anything be?!  But the honeymoon isn’t the point here… the wedding is!  There were so many fun cute things at this […]

Lauren + Reggie wedding {by kate}


WARNING: Ramblings ahead. Some people are just lucky no matter how you look at it. But for others, it’s more about the outlook than it is actual luck. Let’s take Andrea and Tim here for example. For most couples who have planned a beautiful Missouri Botanical Garden wedding, RAIN is the worst possible thing that […]

Andrea + Tim wedding {by liz}